Laptop for our new salesman......

  gail5863 11:20 22 Aug 2008

I am trying to find a low cost laptop for our new salesman to use for sales presentations to customers using PowerPoint and wifi internet access - I have come across this one from Tesco @ £349 and wonder if it would be ok for this use....
Acer Aspire 7520 TK53 1GB 17" Gemstone Laptop. Any views appreciated, or if anyone knows anywhere else that have better spec. for this kind of price or less perhaps? Thank you,

  wiz-king 12:38 22 Aug 2008

Forget the wifi - most of your customers wont be in a hotspot - if they have there own wireless network it should be encrypted and they wont want to give you access.

  Dizzy Bob 13:06 22 Aug 2008

try here

click here

from £279 ex vat

  Taff™ 13:39 22 Aug 2008

As a salesman of (too) many years I would have a rethink. A 17" Laptop is a good idea because if you are presenting to two or three people they stand a chance of seeing the screen. Make sure it also has an external monitor connector for use with a projector and screen. I would also recommend you look for something a little more expensive than the cheapest model you can find. Speaker quality and importantly, volume may be a consideration. You should also invest in a wi-fi remote so your salesman can sit away from the laptop to allow customers a better view. (A wireless mouse may suffice.)

If you are furnishing him with a bluetooth mobile you might want this feature built into the laptop so he can synchronise with Outlook Calendar and address book. Ah! You might therefore need a copy of MS Office - Far cheaper to buy with the laptop than purchase seperately but the Acer won`t have it at that price. (Maybe a Trial version if you`re lucky but he`ll probably need a Business Version anyway)

Lastly, do take the battery life into consideration. Out on the road you`ll need to have a life of at least three hours and preferably more. Running a 17" screen will soon take the battery life down and plugging it into customers mains supplies isn`t always possible.

  gail5863 14:03 22 Aug 2008

thank you very much so far, some really valid points. We're not wanting to spend too much but obviously the laptop has to do the job, mainly for PowerPoint presentation, but connection for big screen I will note also. The internet connection isn't too important as we might give him a spare office Blackberry. Thank you very much for your comments, Kind regards, Gail

  GaT7 15:27 22 Aug 2008

The Acer 7520 is £300 at Amazon click here & eBuyer click here. G

  GRIDD 01:09 23 Aug 2008

Naugthy naughty, recommending the company you work for.

  jaraba 13:39 23 Aug 2008

May I suggest you also consider the weight of the laptop.

  jaraba 14:03 23 Aug 2008
  GaT7 14:43 23 Aug 2008

jaraba, though the spec is quite good for the £360 price, that's a 15" - I think gail5863 requires a 17". G

  jaraba 15:56 23 Aug 2008

Just thinking about the weight option.

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