laptop or notebook with removable hard drive

  frazky 00:47 24 Nov 2007

Is there such a model on the market. I would solve a lot of hassles if the hdd on a laptop could be slotted in and out ?

  tullie 07:09 24 Nov 2007

Laptop drives can be removed without to much of a problem,if its a problem with protecting your data,why not get an external?Sorry i cant help further.

  laurie53 07:52 24 Nov 2007

On my last laptop, a badge engineered Tosh, the laptop could simply be removed by a spring clip.

Presumably such designs should still be available.

  laurie53 07:53 24 Nov 2007

Sorry, "hard drive could be removed"

  Forum Editor 08:16 24 Nov 2007

I'm not sure what 'hassle' would be saved - the drive would have an operating system on it, and it couldn't be used for any other purpose, or in any other machine - none of the software would run.

If you simply want to access data files on another computer you could do what I do - put them on a USB memory stick. I use an 8Gb version smaller than my car key which carries more than I will ever need when I'm on the move.

  frazky 19:28 24 Nov 2007

1/ physical security - one could put it in a fireproof theftproof safe.
2/a speedy backup method if you have a ' identicle twintwin 'hdd .. avoid need for timeconsuming imaging software.
3/useful backup especially for non-booting scenarios.

they have it for descktops - whynot laptops?

thank you for feedback.

  tullie 19:37 24 Nov 2007

Not sure what your on about but just get an external usb drive

  Meshuga 20:57 24 Nov 2007

frazky, one reason you give is to put it in a fireproof/theftproof safe. Why not just put the laptop complete in the safe, then you wouldn`t have to keep disconnecting the hdd with the eventual bad connection occurring.

  Forum Editor 21:49 24 Nov 2007

You want to remove your computer's drive whenever you like, so you can store it in a safe place - but why?

You would need to be storing some pretty important data to warrant keeping a drive in a thief-proof, fireproof safe, and there are much easier ways to do the job. Just write the data to a flash drive, or a CD/DVD and keep it somewhere apart from the computer. In a commercial context data is stored on removeable media which is taken off-site every night, or sent down a line to a dedicated, secure data storage facility. There's no need to keep taking hard drives out of laptops - if there was a proven need for it the manufacturers would already make the machines that way.

  laurie53 10:03 25 Nov 2007

"they have it for descktops"

Hard drive which slots in and out on a desktop?

May be but not common.

If you must do this and a flash drive isn't suitable then use an external drive.

  frazky 00:15 26 Nov 2007

Smith told the Lords constitution committee that an example might be a doctor leaving a laptop containing personal details of patients in a car. It was “hard to say [this was] anything other than criminal negligence”, he said.

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