Laptop / Notebook Purchase

  Alien463 08:48 26 Aug 2003


A friend of mine is looking to purchase a Laptop / Notebook for general use and possibly for gaming.

He has a budget of £1200 and he's looking to buy a machine that includes VAT within the budget.

Does anybody have any recommendations?



  SheffieldSpy 09:16 26 Aug 2003

Try RockDirect's Quaddra XT. Its about £1196 inc VAT and Delivery. It has produced some good benchmark scores. The inclusion of an ATI 9000 graphics chip also makes it good for gaming. It also has a strong battery life as well.

  andywolve 09:36 26 Aug 2003


For a better choice look at PC Advisor's Top Ten Laptop choices every month.

My mum read the tables from PC Advisor and decided to buy HI-Grade UltiNote M6600-2200, the price is £1173.83(inc VAT exc Del) it's a great laptop, it will also manage to play games, however I know that laptops are now becoming more powerful to handle 3D games, I would buy a desktop computer to have a better gaming experince.
If the laptop is out of Budget, I would go for what SheffieldSpy has recommended.

I hope this helps.

  Alien463 11:07 26 Aug 2003

Thanks for the responses.

I've passed on the info to my friend - let's see what he goes for.


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