Laptop media holding device....

  muscic lover 12:05 30 May 2005

I have this one as a question in the helproom forum as well. I realise i should have put it here... so please forgive me !


My other thread has the same title and has been resolved..... but

When you take a disc out of a laptop it has to get past those tiny ball bearings (i presume they hold the CD/ media in place) Does anybody know IF these cause damage to the disc as it is taken out? My main PC doesnt have this ball bearing thing, and therefore i am not worried about media / cd being 'flexed' or the risk of cracks see my last question).

The gaps in my knowledge are amazingly vast it seems , but i am sure there are folk among you who can answer this question!

Once again, thank you for your ideas

Music lover (now officially 'middle aged' at 40 years old!!!)

  pj123 13:55 30 May 2005

As you say, they hold the media in place in the same way as the case does that CD/DVDs come in (except no ball bearings).

Place your thumb on the centre and lift from the edge of the CD. No damage at all.

  Pooke100 13:58 30 May 2005

thousands of manufacturers use this design in their compact disc devices. Do you seriously think they would if it damaged the discs?

Do as pj123 says and you'll be fine and so will your media. Gently does it........

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