Laptop keypad buttonFell Off.

  birdface 11:49 26 Mar 2009

Hi.I had this on helproom and just wanted to know if this problem might be covered with the warranty or not.I have closed the helproom thread and it is here if you want a quick here
basically just want to know if covered by warranty or not.[key fell off keypad.]I doubt it but thought I would have one last try.I will be having a look at it to-morrow I think.
I will leave this open until to-night then class as resolved if no further comment.

  Al94 12:09 26 Mar 2009

I would try it, friend of mine got a new keypad from Dell a couple of years ago when this happened.

  birdface 12:22 26 Mar 2009

As it was bought with extended warranty with Staples would I have to take it back there or just phone and see what they say.[Or maybe contact the Makers.]
I thought that they may just say it is not covered by warranty and that would be it.
Just trying to find out if covered or not and if so what to say if and when we take it back.
Thank you for your response.

  curofone 12:30 26 Mar 2009

most companies will claim that keys dont just fall of laptops and that you must have damaged it in some way for this to happen and therefore will not be repaired under the manufactures warrenty unless you can prove that it manufactures fault (if the machine is older that 6 months, if under 6 months then it is manufactures who has to prove it was not a manufactures fault)

Now if you have the extended warrenty you need to see what is covered under that warranty as a lot of extended warrenties will cover accidental damage and therefore you would be covered, so you need to dig out the paper work for the warranty and see what it actually covers. if it is covered than i would just ring the call centre and get the machine booked in, i wouldnt bother going to the shop becuase they you are just adding a middle man that will probably just tell you to ring the call centre anyway.

No need to contact the manufacture yourself, you brought the machine from staples and therefore you contract is with staples and not the manufacture, if you were to contact them they will probably just tell you to contact staples.

  birdface 12:43 26 Mar 2009

Hi thanks for the additional information.My biggest problem now will be finding where my daughter has kept all of the details of purchase and warranty.I keep any think like that in a drawer or box my daughter in the other hand is a bit of a nightmare and cannot remember where she puts things.But no doubt we will find it somewhere in the house.
At least now i have a list of things to do and look for.Many thanks for your help.

  curofone 13:00 26 Mar 2009

just had a quick look on the staples website and this is what i found on the extended warranty click here scroll down a bit and there is table that tells you what is covered and accidental damage is covered so you should be in look, here is the phone number that is listed a bit further down: Computer Cover call 0844 871 1221.

let us know how you get on

  birdface 13:16 26 Mar 2009

Thank you for the additional information.She purchased it in Northampton which is 25 miles away so not sure when I will get there but will let you know the outcome.Many thanks for your help.

  curofone 13:30 26 Mar 2009

i am confused now, why does it matter where she brought it from? there is no point taking back to the store as the machine will not be repaired in store, it will be sent away to wherever the staples service centre is and repaired there.

All you need to do is ring the number and get the machine booked in then they will arrange a courier to pick the machine up and take it away for it's repair, i know it is long winded for one key but the stores dont have facilities to do in in store and the staff will not be trained in repaires

  birdface 14:28 26 Mar 2009

Ok.The penny dropped.Sorry obviously never read it correctly.Obviously to the service center.
[they will arrange a courier to pick the machine up and take it away for it's repair,]Any idea as to what they charge for this service.Or is it free.
She had another laptop with a battery problem and just took it back to Comet where it was fixed so thats probably why I am getting mixed up.
sorry for the confusion and once more thanks the info.

  curofone 15:49 26 Mar 2009

if there are simple faults that require no messing with the hardware, therefore no parts or tools are required than sometime i a store will carry them out.

but when a machine as a physical fault ie something needs replacing ie hardrive, motherboard or keys then it i will almost always go back to the companies workshop, think about it at best your machine will need onbe key but considering the avererge keyboard has 104 keys (less for laptops) and think how many different machine a store sells over the years think how many 1000s of keys each store would have to have in stock to repair the machine in store.

Anyways as for the cost, should all me in the price of your extended warranty. what i would say is as the machine will need to go away for a repair make sure that you back up the data on the machine, i know the machine is only going away for a key but they normally run stress tests on the machine when they are gone to make sure they are working properly and it would not be the first time i have heard of a machine going a way for a key and coming back with a new hard drive.

  birdface 20:36 26 Mar 2009

Once again thanks for the further information you have been a great help.

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