Laptop HD warranty Support

  User-F9209623-55F3-4AC4-948A490DDCC7C3B6 20:08 30 Jan 2009

I have been asked to look at a Laptop for a friend. After examination I am pretty sure there is a Hard disk error preventing it from booting. I understand Seagate the HD manufacturer has a 3 year warranty on its drives. the laptop was purchased in August 07 so it is still within this period.
I understand also that I should go through the retailer for support.
The bad news, it was purchased from PC World. Although I have not advised my friend what to do yet, previous consumer experiences with this company, along with a stint working with them & friends who have worked for tech support with them until the stress made them leave has given me an idea of the response upon contacting them.
"it's over a year old", "You will have to go through The Tech guy's to confirm, they will charge you (insert crazy amount of money here) to look at it."
My question is twofold. Do you know where I stand with the HD. Could my friend avoid the DSG stress by contacting Seagate directly, Would they cover it if the fault is confirmed or send us back to DSG. What about Vista that is installed on the HD. I realise Seagate would not cover the lost data, but by not providing a "REAL" Vista install disk with the product would DSG or the laptop manufacturer be liable to replace ?

  100andthirty 20:15 30 Jan 2009

I don't know for sure, but I don't believe that the warranty on after market hard drives is applicable to drives built into new computers. However there's no harm in asking.

  spuds 10:28 31 Jan 2009

As you have possibly suggested, PCW are not going to be very interested if the 12 month warranty as expired, unless your friend goe's for the TechGuy service.

Not sure if this is still valid, but Seagate had a free diagnostic download tool available on their website. Try downloading this (if still available) and see if it helps in finding any problems. The other alternative is to contact Seagate direct, but be aware that the warranty period might only be 1 year instead of 3 or 5, if purchased via PCW, or of a certain batch.

  gazzaho 11:41 31 Jan 2009

I personally wouldn't go to the bother of trying to get a replacement, drives are cheap and the stress and time involved in arguing the issue,especially with the likes of PC World in my opinion isn't worth it. But as 100andthirty states there's no harm in asking.

I went to buy a HD television from PC World a few years ago and found they where selling factory re-conditioned Samsungs for the same price as brand new ones! After that experience I wouldn't consider purchasing from them, let alone arguing over warranty claims.

Thanks for the people who replied to this thread. One thing has thats still an issue even if I just go and get another Hd and fit it is the legal question of the operating system. I've done internet searches but don't seem to be coming up with any answers applicable to UK Law & I'm 100 percent sure I'm not the first person to be in this situation, in fact the lack of information is quite disturbing, and the question is: The common modern practice of leaving the back-up copy of windows on the HD itself & no provision of a complete back-up operating system on disc.
If I get a new HD I will have to obtain a replacement copy of Windows, where I still already have a valid registration for the original from the destroyed HD. Would I be breaking any UK Law by borrowing an original disk from elsewhere then putting my valid original registration code in. I believe I read somewhere that in the terms and conditions upto 4 items can be changed in your machine before you need to buy a new copy. Surely people had this issue before but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of answers to this question about.
With thanks.

  100andthirty 08:44 01 Feb 2009

None of what follows comes from practical experience, but.........

I would try the following before buying a new operating system or even changing the disk.

1) what is the nature of the error? Will it boot to safe mode? has the data been backed up?

2) depending on the nature of the error you might be able to do a repair and you'll need to find instructions for REPAIRING a Windows installation.

3) if the disc or partition looks dodgy - at least try and get it into a caddy and examine it from another computer. you might be able to clone the hidden partition and/or recover data . The hidden partition contains the raw Windows back up - but I have no idea how to use it to make a new installation it! Perhaps other kind souls have this knowledge.

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