Laptop hard drive space advice

  exetergirl 15:32 25 Feb 2008

Hello all, being a bit of a novice I am looking for a bit of advice.
I recently bought a Toshiba laptop with a 120GB hard drive. I haven't put any programs, documents or pictures onto it yet, and it tells me that there are only 82GB free space available out of 110GB. I just wanted to know if this sounded right- I guess Vista takes up a bit of space, and I imagine there is a hidden partition somewhere which takes up the 10GB difference between the 110 GB max shown and the 120 advertised. I was just a bit surprised at how much space was already taken up out of the box.
Thank you very much!

  LABMAN 15:53 25 Feb 2008

Hello exetergirl,

Your 120GB hard will only show up as 110GB of usable space, I don't use windows vista myself so not sure what it takes up but I have heard it's about 15GB, that would give you somewhere in the region of 95GB left.

Even if you have a restore partion on your hard drive at 13GB it seems somewhat excesive as they are usually to the best of my knowledge compressed so should take up a lot less, even all the junk freeby and trial software most new computers come preloadedd with shouldn't take that much up.

Hopefully someone with a little more knowledge can shed a little more light on it for you.

  interzone55 20:35 25 Feb 2008

Vista will happily eat up all your hard drive if you let it. The problem is the restore points, which it creates every time you install anything.

To clear unnecessary restore points do a disk clean up

1) Open My Computer & right click on your C Drive then select properties.

2) Choose Disk Cleanup

3) Click the More Options tab, click Clean Up and then delete

4) Click OK & Delete Files

5) Your free space should grow

Please note that this will delete all but the last restore point

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