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  AFoxyLady 11:12 21 Nov 2009

Purchased a Packard Bell T4200 for £450 on 10th August.

On 26th October, I had to return it to PC World, as it was not accepting a charge at all. If it was plugged in, then fine, and the battery remained at the percentage, if unplugged battery was used and obviously percentage went down.

I returned it to PC World, was advised by them to return it direct, as it would be quicker. Refused asI had purchased from them.

I left the pc with them, and they have 28 days to repair and return or replace.

Day 28 is Monday.

I have this morning (Saturday) just received a call saying my laptop is back at the store for me to collect, and "Apparently" they could find no fault and it is has not ben "repaired". I asked if the battery had now got a full charge, as I do not want to go and collect it, bring it home and find the fault is still there.

Advice please......

1/If they call back and say it is charged up then persumably I can go collect it, bring it home and use it. But if I find later this weekend, the fault is there again - do my 28 days have to start again?

2/ If they call back and say it has no got a charge..... Then they have to Monday and then I get a new one?

Just waiting for the call back now, and not sure if I should dash down before they perhaps have a chance to plug it in!

  Pamy 11:20 21 Nov 2009

Not sure what you are saying is wrong with the battery.

  AFoxyLady 11:42 21 Nov 2009

I have no idea - I have just had the call back and they have said it has a full charge - I am off to collect it later and see exactly what they say. The guy on the phone said something about static in the battery, but I have no idea what he meant. All I know is that when I had it and it was plugged in it was not accepting any charge at all.

  Pamy 12:07 21 Nov 2009

So, perhaps your charger is faulty?

  spuds 13:06 21 Nov 2009

Try it over the weekend, and if it fails again, go back to the store and ask them to deal with the problem. The 28 days will not start again, because they appear to have perhaps not resolved the problem to your satisfaction, if the weekends testing proves this.

Wityh regards to the charger being perhaps faulty, didn't anyone suggests this, and request it for inspection?.

  danbrazier 22:52 21 Nov 2009

Could be charger or battery. For this kind of fault it would be normal to send both charger and laptop off to be tested/repaired.

An easy test from a store's point of view, and you should certainly insist they follow this process of ellimination, is:

1) use your charger + your laptop. if no power or signs of charging (flashing light on front of unit, or icon on taskbar) then...

2) just about all PCWs I've ever been in to have a universal cahrger or 7 written-off in the back of the Tech Guys to use for this exact reason - try using a universal charger. insist on briefly unboxing one from the display in order to test if necessary.

3) if this solves the problem, it's your charger - suggest they write one off and give it to you. which is discretionary to the stores manager, but would certainly be an easy answer. if this is for whatever reason, not an option - at least try and haggle - PERSONALLY for the sake of something which is sometimes now classed as a consumable (chargers don't last forever) I'd consider £20 or so a reasonable cost just to avoid the hassle!

3) if still no luck, try what's known as an ATX reset - something usually explained as static. essentially, remove battery, unplug from mains supply and hold the power button down for a couple of minutes.

4) if STILL nothing, then it would suggest somethign duff inside the laptop - in which case being where you are on the timeline, i'd be VERY surprised if you left the store without being offered the laptop to be "written off" and replaced.

  danbrazier 22:53 21 Nov 2009

seemingly, I can't count.

  AFoxyLady 14:56 22 Nov 2009

Hi Guys - Thanks everso for all your recomendations. I have collected laptop, and am using it now. Its charging ok,and I have used it without charger, run it down and then charged it back up.

When I went and collected it the tech guy did advise that they were assuming it was static as nothing could be found. He told me that he knew of instances where static caused several different symtoms, from the laptop not turning on at all, to trying to restore and it will stick, to my problem. Never heard of it, but will keep my eyes very carefully on the charging up and percentage level.

  AFoxyLady 09:46 29 Nov 2009

Just as an update to the above.

Collected laptop last Saturday, and it was working all ok - have used it on and off during the week, letting battery go right down and charging back up again.

Yesterday (Saturday) the 7th day of collecting - the fault returns. I nipped down as soon as I doscovered, and they have agreed I can choose a new one to the same value ( or add more money if I wish to get a more superior one)

Returning this morning to choose - Will not have another Packard Bell!

  Forum Editor 10:18 29 Nov 2009

a Toshiba L450D-11X.

  Awshum 10:27 29 Nov 2009

or one of the HP's DV6 models. I got the DV6-1333s recently and would recommend them. Can vouch for toshiba too. None of their stuff has ever caused me any trouble including an A300 laptop by them.

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