Laptop for grandchildren

  Mike_R 18:47 02 Feb 2007

I'm still dithering over the choice of laptops. I've almost settled on a Novatech Orion Duo T5500 and was wondering what the Graphics board was like. It is an ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 128MB PCI Express Graphics. They don't play the top of the market games at present but they are teenagers!

  Zero G 19:03 02 Feb 2007

Looks OK, dont forget that the Laptops from Novatech do not include an operating system as standard. You have to pay extra as their laptops come bare.

I dont have any grandparents Mike_R due you have a vacancy at all;)

  FreeCell 19:41 02 Feb 2007

"I dont have any grandparents Mike_R due you have a vacancy at all;)"

Zero G, nice try but you missed the point,I think he's swapping the grandchildren for the laptop!

  Mike_R 12:36 03 Feb 2007

Thanks again. Sorry no vacancies!

  €dstowe 15:32 03 Feb 2007

Desktop computers are much more robust - and have easily replaceable parts (keyboards, mice) which youngsters are somewhat prone to damaging.

Unless you have a real need for the machine to be a laptop, you may be better getting a desktop machine - more for you money as well.

  madalex 19:08 03 Feb 2007

Just bought an Acer Aspire for mine who expects to go to Uni in Sept. Bought his sister one 3 years ago & its still going well click here
Younger than this stage, could be better off with a rebuilt (recycled) job. Our LEA runs a service to strip & update old Office computers

  ForestChav 01:04 04 Feb 2007

I don't really class teens as youngsters though, a sensible teen will be responsible enough to care for an expensive item.

  STREETWORK 08:48 04 Feb 2007

Before you buy, arm yourself with the information.

1. what do they want to do with it? mine just want MSN

2. what's the budget?

3. Do they need to move around, or static?

Then go to your local PC World and talk to a savvy sales person (but do not buy, yet) see the specification they suggest and then look around the internet for a similar deal. I would suggest Dell to start with...

  Totally-braindead 09:28 04 Feb 2007

I too think I should point out that if you get them a laptop it will have problems with games in particular.
It cannot be upgraded, whatever you buy you are stuck with. If the kids are happy with their X boxes and PS2s and only want the computer for other stuff then fair enough but if they do intend to play games, especially newer ones then they are better with a desktop ,as long as you choose one carefully it can be upgraded unlike the laptop. I've got a couple of games now that specifically mention on the packaging that laptop graphics care not supported, it may work it may not.
Apart from games a laptop will do anything a desktop will its only games that are the problem. Looking at the spec of the laptop and the amount of memory it should really fly.

  Totally-braindead 09:57 04 Feb 2007

care = cards

  Mike_R 10:14 04 Feb 2007

They already have a desktop which is hogged by one of them for his homework etc. causing friction when the other - others in a few years time- wants to do his homework. A laptop would reduce sibling rivalry (some hope!) and being mobile has its advantages. I'm not sure about the games. It is a question of keeping options open.

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