Laptop Delivery charges... a joke?

  doggydog44 17:04 01 Jun 2003

I have been looking to buy a budget laptop and have been looking at an offer on a Time Traveller and Multivision Ionix both about £800 and i have been told that it will cost £50 -60 for delivery, I remember my desktop delivery costing that much anf it was 3 relatively big box's (monitor,toer,speakers) and must have 20times as much ... so why is it so expensive?

  muscic lover 17:19 01 Jun 2003

Because all companies like to make more MONEY. That is why we (population) have to have this non-sensicle charge levied on an item. Accept the item but moan at them and say the delivery charge makes you reluctant to reccomend them to others. Send it to the customer relations manager and ASK for the charge to be REFUNDED. it worked for me when i got my PC tower, monitor etc.... GO ON, dont nod and do nothing... COMPLAIN about it and complain loudly!
ITs your money, say you want it back!

  anchor 17:34 01 Jun 2003

They make the item seem a bit cheaper, then make it up on delivery, (or post and packing), charges.

Evesham charge £40 for next day courier delivery; this should give you a yardstick to go by.

  rev.bem 17:42 01 Jun 2003

I would think that a company shipping thousands of units per year like Time do would have most major delivery companies falling over themselves for the business. I can't imagine they pay anything like the £49 per system that they charge for delivery an beleive me cardboard boxes and polystyrene packing dont cost the earth either.

  wee eddie 17:44 01 Jun 2003

Any time you have to take off work.

PC World and the other retailers, may not always be the best for price, but at least you can carry your purchase home with you.

  H-J 19:05 01 Jun 2003

ring the (same)carriers and ask them how much to take an item of size x, weight y, and value z, from a (the manufacturers) to b (you)?

Come to think about it, when you have a RTB warranty on a pc where you have to pay carriage, and the 'helpfull' pc company offer to arrange carriage for you-at a price-why not do the same? I'm not saying the prices mentioned here are fair or not, but just like pc's and components, dont just accept the first price you hear. you would shop around for the best price on goods. well do the same for services as well.


  spuds 19:25 01 Jun 2003

As wee eddie as suggested, you can go to places like PC World etc and walk away with the machine of your choice. I can never understand, why you visit a branch of Time, select the machine that you want,which is usually via an advertisement. Then wait for it to be delivered at a later date, either to the store for you to collect, or to your home address.Either case it will cost you an extra £50.00 approx.I know of a couple of well known retailers, who will charge this amount for delivery to your home, and setting the machine up for you.

  Kryten 19:38 01 Jun 2003

Apart from the cost of delivery with time PC's and LAPTOP's, don't forget if you want the installation disks this will cost an extra £99. making the Computer cost an £149 more than advertised.

  wee eddie 19:43 01 Jun 2003

The carrier will be charging about £4 per item, give or take a bit. However packaging etc all cost money.

So long as a high proportion of the populace, purchase their goods on the basis of the first price they see. This practice will carry on.

I have a restaurant, and I never cease to be amazed when I hear those that have gone to a place 'cos of it's cheap. Then been suprised and complained when the vegetables were charged as an extra.

It is of little importance what label is put on the items that go onto your bill.

The final figure is the one you will be expected to pay and that is the one you must compare.

  Diver14 13:15 02 Jun 2003

My company sends out about 40 parcels per month by next day courier and, including £3 for £1000 insurance if required, costs us a total of £9.00

Bigger companies that send out may times the amount of parcels will get bigger discounts so you can see how much of your £50-60 goes into their pockets!!

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