Laptop 'Cracks'

  jg1990 18:12 10 Mar 2004


I purchased a laptop 11 months ago and now noticed that some cracks by the hinges are starting to appear. I have three questions:
1. Could these cracks break the lid of my laptop?
2. Has anyone else experienced this?
3. Is there anything I can do about them?

Many Thanks


  Indigo 1 18:26 10 Mar 2004

Send it back under guarantee.

That's what it is for.

Make sure you copy all your important stuff to CD first.

  Belatucadrus 18:36 10 Mar 2004

Not experienced it myself, but cracks in the hinge area are very bad news, the load applied by opening and closing the lid can cause them to get worse and there is potential to damage the connection to the screen. What can you do, get in touch with the manufacturers pronto, you need it fixed under warranty ASAP.

  Eric10 18:40 10 Mar 2004

I agree. Send it back under warranty as the cracks will get worse. We had several Acer laptops where I work and many of them developed this fault. We are now using Hi-Grade, Toshiba and Samsung and so far these have all been ok.

  Djohn 18:43 10 Mar 2004

Good advice from Indigo 1. You are still within the 12 month warranty period but must take action immediately. A phone call to the supplier/Manufacturer followed up with a letter by recorded delivery would be a good start but don't leave it any longer than tomorrow morning.

Give them 7 days to reply then follow up with another phone call to enquire what action they are going to take. You may be lucky and sort it on the first phone call but don't let the issue go any longer than necessary. j.

  jg1990 18:43 10 Mar 2004

Thanks for your replies.

It is manufactured by Ei System.

When I have sent it back previously for repairs it went to Hi-Grade.

  Djohn 18:44 10 Mar 2004

Sorry guys. Posted without refreshing and missed your replies. j.

  jg1990 16:05 11 Mar 2004

Would the manufacturer try to weasel out of the guarantee by saying it's fair wear and tear.



  Belatucadrus 16:19 11 Mar 2004

"fair wear and tear." No way, it isn't reasonable for a laptop to start disintigrating within a year They may try and claim it's been abused, but it'll depend on the company, I feel it would be for them to prove that anyway.

  jg1990 16:22 11 Mar 2004

Thanks for your reply Belatucadrus.

You've set my mind at rest. I'm just about to phone them and will post back here after.

Many Thanks


  jg1990 16:33 11 Mar 2004

I just got off the phone, and was told that they don't have that part in stock, they're expecting it in about a month, so I've been told to ring back in about 3 weeks.

Thanks very much for all your help.

Best Wishes


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