Laptop Cooling Pad - Help!

  MRog 22:33 02 Jul 2009

My laptop gets really hot and I need a laptop cooling pad. I bought one and my laptop would slide off making it nearly impossible to use. I was very surprised when I bought the pad that there was nothing to attach the computer to the cooling pad. Just a couple of "non-slip" pads. I returned that cooling pad and bought another one. Same problem. It works okay on a desk but not in my lap.

An acquaintance of mine had his computer the other day with a cooling pad that actually attached itself to the computer! I have scoured the internet to find a cooling pad like this, but to no avail. I am very surprised that this is not a standard feature on all laptops.

Does anyone out there no any cooling pad that has this feature?

  wee eddie 23:01 02 Jul 2009

but probably the worst place you can use it is on your lap.

You will be blocking the air-vents as you work and by now it will be clogged with fibres from your clothes.

Forget the Cooling Pad. Clean the fans and airways and, if you must use in on your knee, find an old Tray.

  Covergirl 11:12 03 Jul 2009

I would have thought all laptops came with little rubber feet. My Samsung does and doesn't slip.

However, a simple and cheap solution would be to pop over to your local glazing firm and (either ask the glass cutter for a set of 4 or) have a wander round near the skips and you will undoubtably find some of those little blue square/oblong foam rubber pads they use to keep panes of glass separate.

One side of this pad is slightly sticky. The pads themself are about 4mm thick. Collect a few (at least 4) CLEAN and STICKY pads, then go into your local homewares store (Wilkos, Home Bargains, Bargain Madness etc) and buy yourself a kitchen worktop saver for about a fiver.

Pop home with all this kit and fix the pads to the bottom of your laptop - they should stick easily and non-destructively.

Pop a cushion on your knee, the worktop saver on the cushion (because they're usually a bit cold) then the laptop on the worktop saver.

The pads are a bit thicker than normal laptop feet and will provide a good clearance under your laptop.

  MRog 19:31 03 Jul 2009

Covergirl - That's not the problem at all. The problem is that I can't find a laptop cooling pad that will attach itself to the laptop (with clamps or a strap or some other sort of attaching device... friction stopping devices like little rubber feet are not attaching devices).

  ronalddonald 07:46 04 Jul 2009

to Maplin and buy a lapyop cooler or buy a fan that you plug into the socket and use that to disperse the hot air.

  ronalddonald 07:49 04 Jul 2009

laptop coolers from maplin should be usb connected

  Covergirl 12:31 06 Jul 2009

So it's not just a case of the laptop slipping down the cooling pad. You want it strapped onto the pad.

Here's one with a couple of straps and a round bar to raise it up to expose any vents click here Unfortunately it's in the USofA. Found it on Google Images if you want to have a look yourself.

Alternatively, try a couple of bungees round the laptop and the pad together.

  MRog 19:24 06 Jul 2009

to everyone for their help. I will check those out.

  jaraba 11:26 07 Jul 2009

I know this has been marked as answered but have a look at these click here="LAPTOP+COOLER"&source=15&minishterm=COOLER

  jaraba 11:28 07 Jul 2009

Sorry click here="LAPTOP+COOLER"&source=15&minishterm=COOLER

  BLUEHAZEMAN 18:47 01 Aug 2009

Same old problem : laptop an acer 15.4 getting very hot after long periods of use, running many progs, solution=cut out the middle man and go direct to the source being China, no surprises there then,put Chinese wholesalers in search and take your pick, i found the most competitive with prices inc postage to be click here, just joined for free then went to computers/sub section cooling pads and found a choice of 18 on offer all usb powered, the pick of the bunch as far as value and looks was for me an acrylic one priced at the moment with 10% off at £2.19 inc shipping for a single unit, 3 fans 2800rpm and a very useful feature is the usb plug that powers the fans, it is a through plug allowing another usb powered device to be used but only using 1 of the 3 usb ports on the laptop, also the back of the unit is raised about 60mm giving a nice angle to work at and yes 4 big non slip pads keep your laptop/notebook in place, small blue led`s around the fans look good in the evening, does it work YES 100% the laptop is much cooler and no longer slows up or gets the jitters, the fans are barely audible at <25db . This same cooler is on sale on ebay for around £7-£12 and some online retailers are asking £18.99, i`ve got a 2`nd on it`s way while they are at such a redicoulous price and yes they give discount for orders of 5-20, 10-15 etc, £2.19 for piece of mind and a cool cpu thats what i call value for money !!

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