Laptop coolers

  yog sothoth 17:43 05 Aug 2007

Hi,I have seen adverts for laptop coolers and wondered if anyone has used one, and if so was it any good?. Cheers

  Totally-braindead 18:18 05 Aug 2007

Do a search for laptop cooler in the Forums its been discussed before. Some seem to think they are great and others disagree.

  Dirty Dick 22:39 05 Aug 2007

Ihave done a search for "laptop cooler" and can only find two threads, and one is this one. I have carried out many searches using different keywords and can' find any more, Any help appriciated

  wee eddie 09:58 06 Aug 2007

and free flowing is about all you need.

I get a better airflow by keeping the base at about 45' which also puts the screen at a better height, but the keyboard is not ideal.

To do this I bought an old display stand from PCW. They don't sell them but had a broken (chipped) one in the bin which they gave me when I contributed on their Charity Fund Raising day.

The theory: Rising hot air from the rear of the Laptop (supported @ 45') draws cooler air in from the bottom. Thereby speeding the airflow, across the underside, with no additional power use.

  I am Spartacus 11:50 06 Aug 2007

I use an Antec Cooler from click here

One of my laptops runs hot (and always has) even though it has a Pentium M CPU that's supposed to run cooler than desktop chips and has been underclocked from 2.2GHz to 1.2GHz.

With the cooler on at the lowest setting the main fans now rarely kick in whereas before they used to run most of the time. With the fan at full speed they never kick in but I find it too noisy to run at that setting.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any temperature sensors onboard other than that in the hard disk. Using Speedfan this shows it running about 10-15ºC cooler.

  yog sothoth 22:06 06 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info. I did find a thread under notebook coolers.Pretty mixed response to them. Will try raising the back of the laptop first.

  QinesiQ 21:38 18 Aug 2007

bought from amazon.

It has *significantly* cooled my laptop (and I can still use the whole set up on my knee on top of a place mat!). There are two settings depending on how intensive or long its been used. I think it will help in the long run to prevent overheating. in fact the base of my lappy is usually cool to the touch when i put it away for the night.

I recently noticed that the power socket was faulty. I contacted antec customer services and had a very quick response and they will be replacing it.

I couldn't ask for a better bit of kit or service.

  Whaty 10:34 19 Aug 2007

We use plastic (polywhatyoumycallit...) chopping boards. You can pick them up all over the place, a good quality one will cost about £4 -£5.

They are great when using your laptop on your lap, carpet, bed etc and really help to keep a flow of air around the PC without covering any of the vents. And they stop your legs getting too hot when using the PC on your lap.

I've found that the 400 x 300 x 10 (mm) is just about right for a 15" - 15.4" laptop and it seems to be a readily available fairly standard size.


  yog sothoth 21:29 19 Aug 2007

Thanks for all the advice. Have experimented by raising the back of the laptop which seems to help. I have also tried a small clip on fan (4.99 from Sainsburys) and rigged it so this blows across the back. This keeps it cool even when playing ganes

  QinesiQ 21:25 28 Aug 2007

I also use a large placemat similar to Whaty's method and like Whaty it works a treat.

Just for an update my replacement has actually gone through Amazon (due to the purchase date being quite recent). Both Amazon and Antec have been very helpful in resolving my problem. A new one is on its way courtesy of Amazon :-)

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