laptop buying advice

  pepsi_cola1984 14:30 11 Jan 2005

i'll soon be buying my first laptop but i'm not sure of the exact spec i need. mostly i'll be using it for the internet, burning and ripping CDs, instant messaging and coursework. my friend told me that with 256MB RAM Windows XP will run slowly, but most laptops in my budget don't seem to come with more than that! any advice?

  Maverick81 14:52 11 Jan 2005

Without trying to be nosy what is your budget ???



  pepsi_cola1984 14:57 11 Jan 2005

my budget is £600. i'm really not looking for anything top of the range

  wee eddie 15:56 11 Jan 2005

£600 will get you a first class PC, that is ideal for your needs.

£600 will get you a marginal laptop, good for basic office applications only.

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