Laptop Batteries?

  Chrisann 12:30 29 Nov 2006

Does anyone know if there are still now problems with exploding Batteries with recently purchased Laptops. I have just bought an H.P. Compaq Presario 300 model which I was told was o.k. It says build of September 06 in the info sheet etc. but I am still hearing rumours around about certain Batteries. P.C. World have told me that everything is now o.k.

Any thoughts please.


  Diodorus Siculus 12:43 29 Nov 2006

Google reveals nothing of concern so I'd not be concerned about it.

  matto 18:14 29 Nov 2006

I'd echo the vote of 'do not worry'. The number of batteries that exhibited problems were very small compared to the number of batteries in use by consumers.

For the record though, it took Dell quite some time to get the information out to the public. They are not the first company to calculate the cost of a recall prior to preventing accidents (think of the motor companies and the tyre scandal).

As with any computer: treat it well, don't block the air vents and, especially with laptops, never drop it on your toes.

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