Laptop backpacks

  Blender 22:58 03 Dec 2005

Can anyone recommend a good laptop backpack - preferably one that dosen't overtly advertise the fact that its a laptop you are carrying.

Its because I use the train more than before (due to work locations) and I want something that makes its easier to transport my laptop (and associated bits and bobs) from A to B.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:51 04 Dec 2005

If you can get one of the shock absorber sleves that many laptops will go into, then you can use any decently padded backback. That is what I do at any rate and it doesn't make it obvious that I am carrying a laptop.

The sleeve I got was from PCWorld last year for about £12 or so but I am sure you can pick them up anywhere around.

  Blender 22:05 07 Dec 2005

Clearly a post of general indifference to most!

However thanks for your input DS, however when running for the train and so forth I want something that keeps my laptop not just padded but held secure in the bag (as would be case with the usual briefcase type bag).

Without the benefit of further recommendation i've seen the following click here
which may well suit but its a suck and see!

  Forum Editor 23:46 07 Dec 2005

I doubt that's the reason - people tend not to post unless they can make a valid contribution, which is a different thing altogether.

That said, this is the backpack I recommend:-

click here

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