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  oldbeefer2 15:32 25 Nov 2008

I use Talk Talk for calls and want to change to a different package. The cheapest option is if I pay TT for the line rental as well. I want to stick with my existing ISP (Vista - given me great service)and I can't benefit from 'free' broadband as my exchange hasn't been unbundled (and isn't likely to be). Does the fact that TT are being paid the line rental preclude me from using that line for my present ISP? I could keep paying BT, but that pushes the package cost with TT up by a few quid each month. Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 15:46 25 Nov 2008

Which TT package are you using at the moment, oldbeefer2, I'm slightly confused? Are you paying TT the line rental or are you still paying BT the line rental.
If you pay TT the line rental, then it is no longer a BT line, which most ISPs require your line to be.

  oldbeefer2 16:53 25 Nov 2008

Thanks MAJ. I pay BT the line rental. I have a TT Evenings and Weekend package which is free, but pay all calls during the day (opted for when wife and myself both working). She has now retired, so aiming to go for the £6ish package (plus line rental) or £8ish (still pay BT line rental) where all calls are free. From what you have implied I'll have to pay the £2 extra and leave the line with BT if that's what the ISP require (seems logical now it's in print!).

  tullie 17:30 25 Nov 2008

Bit confused here,whos your current ISP?

  oldbeefer2 18:27 25 Nov 2008

tullie - sorry for the confusion - as nearly mentioned in my first post, my ISP is VisPa (I was quite cross when VisTa came along, 'cos I knew I would get confused). Just been on the 'phone to TT, and was persuaded to take the cheaper option (for the call plan) and pay TT for the line. Was assured that there would be no probs having my existing ISP using the line as it is BT provided. Will let you know when it goes live in 14 days. Reassuring that TT's call centre is now UK based - my daughter had terrible trouble a couple of years ago trying to understand/be understood.

  Stuartli 20:57 25 Nov 2008

>>then it is no longer a BT line>>

With all due respects that statement is complete nonsense - you have to have a BT line to be able to enjoy TalkTalk.

Normally you pay line rental to TalkTalk, who pay BT on your behalf.

I'm on a TalkTalk LLU service (AnyTime International3), but the phone line from the exchange to my property is still owned by BT.

The cost of the line rental (£10.50) is included in the package cost of £20.49 a month.

  MAJ 21:13 25 Nov 2008

As you might know I'm with TT also. Put your phone number in here click here What does it say for your number.

  MAJ 21:55 25 Nov 2008

A few more to check.

click here
click here
click here

  Stuartli 22:02 25 Nov 2008

You are misinterpreting the O2 landline checker - BT is responsible for the line from the exchange to my property, but my landline phone service is from TT via its LLU equipment which by-passes BT's exchange equipment.

If there are any faults in the BT section between my property and the exchange, TalkTalk would normally request BT to investigate.

Have a look at this link:

click here

You will notice at the bottom it states:

(plus £10.50 line rental, pay TalkTalk instead of BT). As I stated earlier. TT pays BT on your behalf, probably because it will get a small commission.

I also pointed out you can't get TT packages without having a BT line.

BT keeps trying to persuade me to go back to it, but doesn't seem to grasp that I would be opting for an inferior service...:-)

  MAJ 22:13 25 Nov 2008

if he lets TT do the line rental, then as far as other ISPs are concerned, it's not a BT landline, it's not on their network. I know what you're saying Stuartli, ut it doesn't matter, TT have said that oldbeefer2 should be able to keep his ISP.

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