moan-a-lot 19:12 04 Sep 2007

can some one help!!!
I ordered a settee from land of leather for 499.99. The salesman gave me a price promise deal and said if they offer the same settee for sale before ours is delivered then they will match it!! Details of this was wrote on our agreement with them on letter headed paper.

Funny enough a few weeks later the settee was advertised at 399.99.

We got straight up there to get our 100.00 deducted from the order form.They told us this "price promise deal does not exist and they never offer this deal"
the sales man no longer works there and has been fired for doing this "non existant deal" with lots of other customers.

Ive spoke to the manager of the store, who then rang his manager and he said no we have still have to pay the full price!!!

I am being ripped off to the tune of 100.00 right in front of my eyes and i dont no what else to do.

Can anyone offer me some advice on how to get my 100.00 knocked off????

  oresome 19:32 04 Sep 2007

Agree with the store that the transaction is null and void due to the unauthorised ammendment made by their employee.

If you still want to trade with them, repurchase at the new price.

  Forum Editor 19:41 04 Sep 2007

Write to the store manager (send the letter by special delivery, not recorded post) and say to him:

"We were offered the price promise by a member of your staff, and we relied on this information when making the decision to purchase. The member of staff was acting as your company's agent when he made the offer, which was confirmed in writing by him. The offer therefore formed part of the contract that exists between us and we expect it to be honoured.

We expect to hear from you within 7 days, confirming that the item we ordered will be charged to us at the reduced price being advertised. If confirmation is not received by us within the time stated we shall consider you in breach of contract, and reserve our rights in law."

Don't bank on success. All the company has to do is say to you that the member of staff acted without the company's authority when making the offer, and your case is a non-starter. You're bluffing, and you must hope that they don't realise it.

  Forum Editor 19:46 04 Sep 2007

You're not being ripped off to the tune of anything. You agreed to buy the sofa for £499.99, and you would have been quite happy if you hadn't seen the advertisement.

The fact that the company has decided to reduce the price doesn't mean it's ripping you off, it simply means that you bought at the wrong moment - it happens all the time. Just try what I suggest, and if it fails, forget all about it - enjoy the sofa that you liked so much when you agreed to buy it.

  ajm 00:58 05 Sep 2007

What a fantastic way of putting it. I totally agree with you. This is how the market operates.

I have purchased a few bits and bobs and soon after purchasing it, the price always seems to go down a few days later. If I speak to the company concerned about the price difference, I am either offered a refund of the difference or the difference taken of my purchase.

  Mike D 13:33 05 Sep 2007

I used to run negotiating skills courses and the one thing that was hammered into me and everyone I trained was tht once you have made the bargain (or bought the paroduct) that is the end of it. Don't go looking to see if you could have beat the price elswhere or another time, you'll only end up feeling dissatisfied.


  moan-a-lot 19:03 05 Sep 2007

well i got a call today from the area manager!
he told me he would fight my corner as id agreed a deal in writng and paid a deposit at the time!

he rang back a few moments later and they are going to honour the "price promise deal" that they originally said didnt exist!(but i have in writing).

so job done as far as im concerned!
im a happy chappy got my invoice reduced by 100 squid. another happy customer for land of leather!

thanks for your responses.

  oresome 20:19 05 Sep 2007

Well done.

Strikes me as the correct conclusion by the store and the only one I would have settled for.

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