Laminate floor underlay....Which is best?

  mrwoowoo 17:09 21 Dec 2008

I have laminate flooring in my house with fibre board underlay which is very good.
I am moving soon and will be laminating again.I note that the foam roll underlay is under half the price of the fibre board.
Is there much difference between the two or any benifit of using one or t'other?

  SB23 17:16 21 Dec 2008

In my experience the fibreboard is better, but, using that does bring the level of the floor up. Sometimes this is unexceptable as in my case, so I used the foam roll instead.
Fibreboard does offer more in the way of insulation( including sound ), but I suppose it really depends on the use and the cost involved.


  chub_tor 18:20 21 Dec 2008

I agree that fibreboard is best if you can use it. I have used both in the past and find that the fibreboard deadens the sound of heels etc. much better than the foam.

  Forum Editor 18:51 21 Dec 2008

It has a foil backing and very good sound deadening properties.

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