Lack of details

  Dragon Heart 12:37 16 Jan 2004

Why is it most web PC shop's have so little detail on their PC's, e.g. total number of PCI slots (and number free), number of bays total & free (int & ext) motherboard spec's etc. Many of us have our monitors, printers, speakers, keyboards and mice so simply need a tower with plenty of power, memory and expansion potential !

Time Computers is one example

  Jester2K 13:03 16 Jan 2004

If it lists the mobo model you can look it all up on the manufacturers website.

  Dragon Heart 22:28 16 Jan 2004

Try click here for example and tell me the number of free PCI & memory slots ?

  Dipso 22:42 16 Jan 2004

I got my first PC from Time 3 years ago. I think they are a good first purchase retailer but I have gone elsewhere for my second PC.

I agree with what you are saying, but I think a lot of the people who go to high street shops are taken in by the glossy ads and the seemingly good specs for the money and don't really care about things like upgrade potential. I remember asking briefly if I would be able to upgrade mine and was told oh yes no problem, but in reality there wasn't much scope. I knew so little then though that I would have believed anything!

I can't see why they can't give the mobo manufacturer in the specs so that if you are interested you could look the info up youself though.

  josie mayhem 22:56 16 Jan 2004

I get asked advice about what to look for in a computer, so I give the basics

What will they be doing with it.

do they have a digicam/digital camera.

Ensure that it has 2 cd/dvd roms drives ( buying a rewriter.

How many pci slots it got

How much memory, how much can it be expanded by

How large the hard drive is ( aim about 80gigs or higher)

And I always, say get them to include os, drivers on disk, it is better to buy a version of xp on disk, rather than have it contained on the hard drive.

To think very carefully weather to have extended warrenty, if they do, get them to explaine in detail how it works, and if they offering a free up-grade within this warrenty life, aske what they mean by up-grade.

AND THEN, go away for a few days, concider it and if it still looks like a good deal and you are happy then go back and buy.

And watch out for sale pitches, as my mate said when she brought her computer, that the saleman, said that she wouldn't need any more memory than the 512ram the computer had, as it was able for doing anything.

Well more or less, but when it comes to vedio editing alone, the more ram available the quicker the job gets done.

But I'm always amazed when a mate comes back and says I've seen this computer and it's call such and such, expecting me to know all the in and out's off the top of my head.

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