KVM Switch

  whatchamacallit 23:29 17 Oct 2006

Hi Just looking for info on the KVM switch.

The KVM switch connects two PCs to one screen.

Has anyone used this switch, do they work ok.

Found the switch on this web site. click here

ANY info welcome.

  Spark6 23:39 17 Oct 2006

I regularly use a Linskys KVM switch, Model No. KVM2KIT. The computers are used daily and have not had any problems with the switch. Recommended.

  GaT7 00:58 18 Oct 2006

Be aware that they come in various configurations. Some have audio support while some do not, & some have USB or PS2 support (though adapters are available). If you use a TFT monitor through its DVI interface then you'll need one that caters for it.

Hence make sure to get one that best suits your needs. G

  Spark6 10:00 18 Oct 2006

I am using an LG 17" TFT monitor with my setup with no problems and overcame the speaker problem with an SP-20 speaker source control.

  bjh 10:57 18 Oct 2006

They work well, even fairly cheap ones. The cheapest may give slight video impairment on high-end monitors, but I haven't suffered from this myself.

The only thing that I have found irritating is I have one KVM setup that uses a double press of the CTRL key to switch..... Amazing how often a CTRL C (copy) followed by a CTRL V (paste) sends you scooting off to the other machine.

Some use "odder" key combinations, others (I like) have a programmable key... so I have ALT SHIFT on one, and that causes me no problems.

  bjh 11:01 18 Oct 2006

Oh, much wider range, much cheaper, at

click here

The cheap Dynamode is, I believe, a perfectly OK one.

The Belkin (46838 ) is just lovely.

  whatchamacallit 22:26 18 Oct 2006

Hi. Thanks to all, for your input, Bjh for your link.

It looks like some keyboards dont work to well,
and some ghosting can be found with higher resolution.

But alot of folks found them great.

once again thanks to all for your help.

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