Kservice.exe - Regain some of your bandwidth

  Sutts 14:58 20 Oct 2007

If anyone else has installed either the BBC iplayer, sky anytime or 4od, you will know what im on about.

If any of these are installed on your computer, when you start up your computer, one of the services that will automatically startup is kservice.exe. This service is used 4 p2p services and uses up a proportion of your bandwith. It cannot be disabled unless you uninstall the program which uses it

I have also read reports that this service can be left behind after uninstallation!

Who would of thought that these integral businesses are using such a service which some look at as malware. Its ok for people using high bandwith internet connections but what off those with slower connections and with capped amounts of Data.

kservice and the stolen bandwith!!!!!!!!

  DieSse 16:35 20 Oct 2007

Just like Skype. From their T&Cs

"4.1 Permission to utilise your computer. In order to receive the benefits provided by the Skype Software, you hereby grant permission for the Skype Software to utilise the processor and bandwidth of your computer for the limited purpose of facilitating the communication between Skype Software users. "

Comments elsewhere (just google for ... Skype bandwidth usage ...) indicate that in some circumstances the usage can become serious, particularly on some capped bandwidth connections.

  crosstrainer 16:53 20 Oct 2007

Using the Vonage system, as long as you have a router, plug the supplied router into yours, the handset (any standard one will work) and off you go...No PC bandwidth issue. Pc off, phone works perfectly.

  Taff™ 12:08 21 Oct 2007

Had the same problem and Kservice.exe caused my laptop to grind along however opening Task Manager and then selecting Processes, then Kservice.exe and stopping it worked.

I never checked but I suspect you can stop it running at start up using msconfig.

  Sutts 19:06 21 Oct 2007

I have searched in msconfig and it is there. I have unchecked the box so it shouldnt start up but it still does. This is why some see it as malware.

  rdave13 20:44 21 Oct 2007

click here a good read.

  harps1h 21:00 21 Oct 2007

you need to click on run and type in services.msc. once there look for the entry and then right click to bring up the properties, there select the drop menu where it says automatic and change it to disabled or manual whichever you desire. that stops it running.

  Sutts 21:02 21 Oct 2007

Brilliant, thanks 4 that

  pchelper001 19:04 01 Nov 2007

i use the iplayer from bbc and i find my cpu usage is nearly always 100%. i advise you get a cpu limiter. there is a really good one that i use called BES. take a look here:

click here

its a good program and there is no installing.

Best to read the intro on the page though.

  woadwunner 16:49 09 Feb 2009

I had the problem of kservice. To resolve without removing iplayer I carried out the following.
1. msconfig, services, untick the kservice.exe box and save.
2. In Programs folder on the hard drive, locate Kontiki folder.(NOTE: Not the Kontiki folder listed above the programs folder.) Open the kontiki folder and you will see the kservice.exe file. I renamed the file to FRED, after taking a note of the exact wording of the file (so that you can change it back to watch iPlayer).

When you reboot and run netstat, you will see all is clear. To watch iplayer again, you rename the file and re-tick the box in Services within msconfig.

  AL47 18:34 09 Feb 2009

i use zonealarms program control to stop it accessing the internet, it wont kill it[have enough memory etc], but it is easy to do and saves my rubbish/slow internet from it

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