Komplett - anyone used them?

  Eazy T 10:47 10 Jun 2007

Hi all - I'm looking at buying a new PC from Komplett using the pc builder configuration. After much though and umm-ing and ah-ing over what I can spend, I've got it to around £1300. This will be the most I've spent on a PC (I'm not a builder!) but I'd like to future proof it as much as possible for that amount.

Komplett have been helpful so far answering my questions, although when I told them that I was wanting a 680i SLI motherboard so I could look at adding another 320mb 8800 gfx cards in the future to make use of the SLI board, they said I'd need a 1000kw PSU, which I thought was a tad excessive?

Has anyone bought a built PC from them before, and if so, what are your thoughts on the machine you bought and their service? Thanks for any answers!

  Totally-braindead 11:02 10 Jun 2007

I've bought parts from them but not complete PCs, having said that I have had a look at both their barebones and motherboard bundles before and they seem to me to be well thought out selections of branded components.
I suggest that they meant a 1000 watt power supply and not a 1000kw supply.
Like you I do think 1000 watt is bit over the top, I would have thought something like a 650 watt would be more than sufficient but the 8800 is a powerful card and with your suggestion of using 2 in SLI mode perhaps 650 watts would not be sufficient and they might be right with what they say you need. I've only a measly 7600GS and have never owned a card as powerful as some of the 8800 series so cannot argue the point.

  Joe R 11:49 10 Jun 2007

Eazy T,

I haven't bought a full system from Komplett before, but have been buying components from them, for at least five or six years now, without any problems.

As for running two 8800 gfx cards in an sli configuration, I would suggest that you would need at least an 800watt psu, and the 1000watt, would certainly be a good long term investment.

  Eazy T 12:00 10 Jun 2007

thanks for the replies - er yes, I did indeed mean 1000w rather than kw!!

I was looking at an 850w PSU as a possibility - from looking at other specs on different sites, some which provide 2 320mb 8800's, that looked like a good compromise, so will speak to Komplett again tomorrow about that.

Its good to know people are happy with Komplett - if anyone has bought a built system from them, it would be good to hear some feedback, although from what you both say, they sound a good company. In terms of prices for builds, they certainly beat a lot of other websites i've looked at, and seem like good quality components - although I am quite new to actually looking at what goes inside a pc, so I'm learning as I go!

  mb1980y 12:17 10 Jun 2007

Iam looking at buying from komplett also so iam interested to see this post also.

The only thing someone has mentioned so far is that you have to pay to return it if you have any issues, correct me if iam wrong. But I cant find the page on komplett explaining there 3 year warranty in detail. :(

  I am Spartacus 12:30 10 Jun 2007

I bought a custom PC from them in January. It's well built and the cable routing is tidy.

I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived the following Friday. I got all the manuals and CD's with it including a proper Windows CD.

I've not had any problems with it. It came with a 3 year warranty but it's not collect and return.

Komplett were always quick to reply to my queries. They are based overseas and have a depot in Coventry. I am extremely happy with it and I would happily buy another PC from them.

  I am Spartacus 12:35 10 Jun 2007

They confirmed the 3 year warranty to me in response to one of my questions.

They did say that if you had to return the PC they would refund the cost once they'd confirmed it was faulty.

  Stuartli 12:42 10 Jun 2007

Komplett have been around for some years now and always offered excellent prices, particularly for components packages.

As far as I can recall, it used to have an outlet in St Helens but appears to have moved now - I see from its website that there is a new telephone number.

  Eazy T 15:17 10 Jun 2007

thanks Spartacus and everyone for posting your experiences with komplett, sounds very positive. Once they get the 850w PSU's back in stock, I think they'll be getting my business

  mb1980y 15:30 10 Jun 2007

Iam new to this term SLI, what does it actaully mean ? putting 2 graphic cards in one machine ? would 2 x 320mb 8800 be just as good as one 768mb version or am I mis-understanding something, can someone explain to this to me at all ?

  Kate B 19:52 10 Jun 2007

I'd go for the 1,000W PSU if I were you - those graphics cards are hungry beasts.

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