Kodak printerdock ink and paper

  so3003 15:19 04 Apr 2005

Hi guys

I got a Kodak Easyshare digital camera and printer dock for my birthday. Looking on the internet it seems the only consumables available for the printer dock is the packaged 40 sheets of paper / ink cartridge that prints 40 sheets worth of photos, and the cheapest price I can find is £15.16 from Amazon.

2 questions are:

1) Does anyone know where I could get this package cheaper?
2) Does anyone know if / where I could get paper and ink separately for cheaper, not necessarily the Kodak branded stuff.

Thanks for your help.


  pj123 17:07 04 Apr 2005

You don't have to buy Kodak paper. You can get Glossy Photo Paper (instant dry) from Choice Stationery at click here

As far as the ink is concerned it depends on what printer model, but compatible ink can be bought from Choice Stationery as well.

  Totally-braindead 11:25 05 Apr 2005

I'm afraid I can't help with this, my niece got one of these bundled with her camera and she finds the same thing as you, its too expensive to run. I haven't actually seen it but two things occur to me 1 - You could buy glossy paper as pj123 has suggested and trim it to size and 2 - I don't know if this is possible but perhaps you can refill the cartridges. From what my niece has said to me the refills you get basically have enough ink in them to use with the paper pack and you have to replace the crtridges each time you finish a paper pack. Appologies if this isn't correct but that was the impression she gave me. Perhaps someone else will have a solution.

  so3003 13:17 05 Apr 2005

Thanks for the replies.

My impressions seems to be that you can only really buy the Kodak branded stuff for this printer because it's an odd looking ink cartridge and I'm not convinced a refill would work in it like it does for my HP deskjet printer.

Also, the packs you get seem to have catridges that only have enough to print the number of sheets in the pack (ie 40 sheets and catridge with 40 sheets worth of ink), and this seems to be about the only way to get a cartridge so I suppose the paper question is a bit academic.

I'm starting to think it might be worth getting a refund on the printer. Cheapest packs I've seen are £15-16 from Amazon, and it works out at just over 37p per print which is quite expensive really, considering you can get them for about 1/3 of that price online and in the shops!

I remain hopeful of a solution.....


  pj123 15:57 05 Apr 2005

Are you saying this package is a camera and a printer? If so, forget the printer bit and use your normal printer.

Show me a link where I can view this package.

  so3003 16:50 05 Apr 2005

No no, it's a separate camera and printer and I'm not sure it was bundled together. The Kodak website isn't the fastest, but you can view it at:

click here


  Totally-braindead 00:18 06 Apr 2005

Yeah thats the thing my niece got at Xmas, hers came bundled with the camera. She says the pics are really good but the price of the pack you need to use is very uneconomical, hence she has me looking about for a reasonably priced inkjet printer at the moment. Shame really, if it was more reasonably priced for the refills she'd stick with it.

  so3003 10:41 06 Apr 2005


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