Kodak LS633 vs Pentax Optio 33LF

  gazbea 11:47 12 Jul 2004

Hi there.

I'm about to make my first investment into the Digital Camera market and am unsure of which to go for.

I have come across the Kodak LS633 and the Pentax Optio 33LF. Both cameras are around the £100 price tag on Amazon.

Both seem to have the same sort of features, Kodak with 3.1MP and Pentax with 3.2MP.

Kodak has screen that can be viewed from nearly any angle and the Pentax as a swivel screen.

The Kodak has rechargable batteries whereas the Pentax doesn't. Also the Kodak has 4 MB more internal memory but I don't find this a decision making feature as I will be opting for a SD memory card anyway.

A few reviews have said that the Kodak picture colours are slightly a little too rich/bright.

Any comments would be reallt helpful.



  Whaty 12:49 12 Jul 2004

I came across a really good digital camera review site recently, have a look here to see if the cameras you are interested in have been given the once over.. click here

  gazbea 13:04 12 Jul 2004

Unfortunately the 2 cameras haven't been reviewed on that site.

I've come across a few sites that have reviewed them but different sites have different views on them and its hard to choose.

  jonnytub 19:07 12 Jul 2004

try here click here

  Djohn 20:51 12 Jul 2004

I have the Kodak DX 6340 and very pleased with it. 3.1 Mp 4 x zoom produces excellent photo's, yes, the colours are a little on the rich side but look all the better for it, they can always be toned down in an image editing application if required.

Had the camera for just over a year now, bought the Canon A 70 first when everyone was raving about it but had problems with the first one and with the replacement so asked the dealer to swap to a Kodak.

At first I felt I might have made a mistake and left it on the desk for a couple of days before trying it out, I thought, everyone says the Canon is superb and heres me changing it for a Kodak just because of a good review I had read. Kodaks are for beginners taking snapshots aren't they?

I finally took the plunge picked it up and took a couple of shots with it. the first thing I noticed was how quiet the zoom was, I needed to look at it to see if it was working, The Canon could be heard from the next room.

Loaded a few photo's to my PC and brought them up full screen, what a surprise, excellent quality almost 3D effect. Hardly need to say from that day on it's never far from my side, always taking photo's with it.

Beside choosing a camera that is of a quality brand you must also try to see it first, hold it for a while, try out the controls see how it fits in the hand. No good having what may be the best camera in your price range if it is so complicated or uncomfortable to handle that you never use it. Good luck with your choice.

  Totally-braindead 14:50 13 Jul 2004

I've got the Pentax but I must admit if I'd seen the Kodak at that price I'd be unsure of which to pick. The swivelling screen with the Pentax is a bit of a gimmick really but is handy for things like self portraits. It does go thru batteries like water but my Olympus 2mp did that as well and with 4 good capacity rechargeables its not really an issue. The pics on the Pentax so far have been excellent and it really is quite compact and has a nice solid feel to it. The Kodak I believe has a metal body if so this might push me towards the Kodak but Pentax is good enough for me and the only thing I can say against it is the motor drive for the optical zoom is maybe a bit noisy( but my friends don't agree with that opinion). Good luck with whatever you choose.

  gazbea 09:33 27 Jul 2004

Right... I've taken the plunge and gone for the Kodak. A couple of reasons that I have decided on this. Firstly being that the camera has a metal casing, secondly, I like the sound of the screen. I'll let you know how I get on.

  gazbea 10:19 27 Jul 2004

I received the Kodak on Thursday (22/07/2004) from Amazon... great service! Only placed the order on the Tuesday night and opted for the Free Delivery.

So far so good. Got that Christmas Day feeling... You all know the one I'm talking about ;o)

The packaging is a little different than other things, more like a box of chocolates than a camera, as it has a sleeve to contain the box (like a lot of products do) and then you come to the lid where there is no flaps to keep it closed (you'll know what I mean if you see it).

On opening the box the first thing you notice is the nice amount of documentation that you receive (not that I have actually read any of it yet!). The documentation is nicely presented in a kind of Welcome pack. You receive 3 pocket sized manuals in English, German and French, the German and French manuals are wrapped up if you don't need them. You get 2 CD's, 1 for the EasyShare software and the other is the manuals in electronic format, a registration card and 1 warranty information. I think thats all of it any way!

On removal of the documentation, you start to grin, you look down and you see not only a Camera but a nice SHINY Camera :o) It has a nice brushed aluminum effect rather than just reflective (woohoo!). You have the camera on one side gleaming up at you and on the other you have the inclusive accessories.

The accessories that come with are all you need to get you started (only thing they missed out on is a case for it :o( Booooo! You can pick one of these though for next to nothing from Jessops at £6.99, code KODLSCC and is the official Kodak case for this camera.) When I opened the accessories box, the first thing that came into my head was, "How on earth did they fit all these in here!"

Included is the Mains charger, lithium-ion battery (which looks the same as a Nokia 3310/3330 battery), inter-changeable mains plugs (UK and Europe), USB cable, A/V cable, custom plate for EasyShare camera docks/printers and wrist strap.

It was time to charge the battery! This didn't take too long at all. The charger has a red LED for when it is charging and a green LED for when it has charged. So far all going smoothly.

You open the side panel of the camera so that you can slip the battery inside, turn the dial to AUTO and I'm off!

I really can't believe how easy this camera is to use! On the display it tells you how many photos you can take at the current resolution. 16 on the internal memory it would do, Navigation is simple, reviewing your pictures is simple and deleting the pictures is simple!

Then I thought I would try the movie mode, I turned te dial to MOVIE mode, pressed the button to take pictures with and there you go. You can zoom in on the fly and with full sound. Played the movie back through REVIEW and was just as I took it, admittedly though the sound isn't superb, but what do you expect from a digital camera! But I was still pleased with it. The camera display haow much you can record and how long the clip has been running.

Now was the crunch time, connecting to my PC. Now if there is a problem with this camera then it is going to be here, and exactly as I thought. Now I wouldn't really say it was a problem though, more a thing of a learning curve, the software isn't overly easy to use, but I think that if I spent some time actually looking at it rather than just clicking buttons rapidly then I would understand it more.

The camera appears on your PC as a Removable Drive so you can just completely by-pass the software and go straight for the source.

The results I hear you ask. The quality on this camera are excellent and so is the movie that I filmed! The only disappointment that I have was that the print-outs weren't just as good but I can't blame that on the camera, I have a 3 year old HP DeskJet 959C and using presentation paper (going to give it another try on some quality paper in the sample packs).

In the near future I am going to take the SD card that I ordered along to a processors (Boots, Jessops, Asda, etc) and print out a couple on proper equipment so I can see exactly how good this camera actually is! I will let you all know my findings.

Conclusion? Well what can I say!? This is an excellent camera for the money and is a perfect camera for anybody looking to make their first purchase into the Digital Camera market like myself. and you can't argue with Amazon's price! Under £100! Mouth-watering! Go get one today.



  shizzy 22:44 27 Jul 2004

My husband has the HP 959C and wouldn't swap it for any new printer so wait until you get some proper photo paper, I am sure you will be pleased. Don't forget to choose the photo paper option in your printer settings.

  Totally-braindead 17:55 28 Jul 2004

As shizzy has said using good photo paper makes all the difference, as well as trying the settings on your printer.

  hooligan 22:10 28 Jul 2004

Iam going to order one now, i never knew which to pick between them 2, so you did it for me.

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