Kodak all in one printer 5300

  hymerman 10:50 28 Oct 2007

Now waiting on my second one to be replaced, two have now failed to work, there seems to be a fault with the print head.
I think it is a big headache to Kodak, they seem to expect to hear what problem you have. Has anyone else experienced trouble?

  spuds 12:55 28 Oct 2007

Is the printer actually manufactured by Kodak or a re-badged version, from another main stream manufacturer?.

  Totally-braindead 13:40 28 Oct 2007

Reading a review it does appear to be made by Kodak and not a rebadged Lexmark or whatever spuds.
Reading this it appears hymerman is not alone - quote from a website from another user"
I do not have a problem with the quality of the photos as with the printing of text with the black ink.Kodak is sending me a third printhead for my 5300 model. It refuses to print text in black after a period of time. After printing about 12 photos and 6 text papers,i'm on my third print head and second ink supply. They keep telling me that it is just the print head. When I ask if this is a problem with their printers they change the subject,like I shouldn't ask such a question. I personally think they have some problem they are hiding. I have had Canon,HP and Lexmark without any problems like this. " So he has had 3 printheads so far.
I must admit that this comment and one other who had one printhead replacement were the only ones I could find.
The only other faults I could see was something to do with the installation software which has probably been resolved.
Is it a fault with the printer? I don't know but after 3 replacements I would be concerned.
I hope Kodak have extended the guarantee of the replacement printheads at least, otherwise if another fails outside the warranty period you might find its not economic to repair.

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