DJ Si 14:57 28 May 2003

Hi. Looking for a good dial-up 24/7 isp. Been using Freeserve - it's slow and unpredictable to say the least.

Had recommended - is it any good?

Anybody getting decent service, fast downloads for a reasonable price?


  anchor 15:44 28 May 2003

Have a look at OneTel; £13.99/month for 24/7. I used OneTel in the past, and found them good. Speeds were up to the best that I could get with dial-up; (I`m now on broadband).

click here

Cheaper phone calls too!.

  Busy 17:39 28 May 2003

Yep,£13.49 a month,good connection speed (50.6kps always) always connect ok.Ok for likes of I who live in the sticks and for whom broadband is as likely as sprouting a nose on my backside

  Dave Bowman 17:42 28 May 2003

Always there and (so far) always reliable.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:55 28 May 2003

Go to your neighbours and ask them which ISP they use and the speeds they can attain. ISP speed is variable nationwide dependant on line quality, number of users, area etc., etc., so comparisons are difficult to make.


  Dave Bowman 18:01 28 May 2003

A valid point.

  jediknight007 18:52 28 May 2003

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> because not everyone who uses the same ISP get similar speeds. Speeds can also vary between ISPs, well that's what happened to me anyways. I used to get a respectable 44Kbps with BT before it dropped to 33.6Kbps for a month so I changed modems and got 45.2Kbps. Then I changed to Freeserve and got 49.2Kbps. So speed does depend on a variety of factors such as your modem, ISP, location and quality of your phone line. Why not spend another fiver a month and get ADSL (that's if you can get it in your area) You will never want to experience 56K dialup ever again.

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 19:19 28 May 2003

i use click here

they have unlimited dial up VERY CHEAP and the broadband service is excellent

  DJ Si 19:43 28 May 2003

Can't get broadband as apparently it will interfere with the alarm on my house! I get 49.2k with freeserve and an external modem, but notice sometimes that it's a hell of a lot faster than others. I've been cut off sometimes despite being on for only a few minutes. Is Virgin the best dial-up or does anyone know better?


  he he :-)™ 19:53 28 May 2003

yep...I recommend look good...but I use AOL.

  marble 20:11 28 May 2003

Been with Virgin about 5 years or so - currently using their 24/7 deal.

We've been more than pleased with them - have periodically tried other ISPs (eg BT) but Virgin always proved the most reliable - we could get online with them when other ISPs were 'throwing connection wobblies'.

Have recommended them to countless people.


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