Kindle or eBook Reader

  ukpostcode 18:20 09 Jan 2011

We have been asked to buy one for a friend.
Get it as cheap as possible!
Get it loaded with books?
And then to teach our friend how to use it!

Thats the easy part!!!!
We have no idea where to start as we much prefer to read the book, put it down & then pick it up again when we feel like it!

So where do we start?
How much will 1 cost?
How much do the books cost?
Are they easy to load onto?
And any pitfalls in owning one?

PLEASE help as we have no idea where to start looking apart from Mr/Mrs Google!

  iscanut 18:25 09 Jan 2011

I have an Amazon Kindle which is superb, BUT I do like to have a proper book as well, but the Kindle can be used when traveling and on hols without the need to lug books around. Have a look here click here There are hundreds of free downloads and there is nothing much to teach. It is so easy to use.

  morddwyd 19:35 09 Jan 2011

Lot's of kindle posts recently.

Suggest you do a forum search.

Just type kindle into the search box at the top of the page

  ventanas 22:07 09 Jan 2011

I bought a Kindle a little while ago. Very easy to use, and also very easy to adapt.
The cost of books will vary. Modern best sellars (which have no appeal whatsoever to me) will cost more than the not so popular.
As an example I have downloaded the complete works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Collins and Fielding for less than a tenner the lot.

  ventanas 22:08 09 Jan 2011

Should have also mentioned, purchase and download is just one cick. Having set up your account browse to the book you want and click on purchase. That's it. A few seconds later it will be on your Kindle.

  ventanas 22:11 09 Jan 2011

Sorry to keep on, but have just realised you will be getting this for someone else. You should take care as to what name, email etc you use when purchasing and setting up as this will affect the "name" of your Kindle.

  Forum Editor 00:27 10 Jan 2011

to change the registered 'name' of a Kindle - a couple of minutes on the Amazon site and it's done.

How much will it cost?

£152 if you go for the model that has free 3G access, £111 for the wireless only model. If you're only going to use the Kindle at home, and you have a wireless broadband router, buy the cheaper one. If you want to be able to download books almost anywhere in the world within a few minutes of purchasing, without having to access a wireless internet connection, buy the 3G model.

How much do the books cost?

Considerably less than the paper versions, and if you choose from the 'out of copyright' database of classic works you'll pay nothing, or next to nothing.

Are they easy to load onto?

If by that you mean are they easy to download - the answer is yes. You use the kindle (or your computer) to buy the books on the Amazon site, and they will be automatically downloaded to your Kindle the next time you switch it on, or within a minute or so if it's already switched on.

Any pitfalls in owning one?

In my case yes, I have gone on a book-buying spree. The books are so much cheaper, and my Kindle can hold about 3000 of them. I'm ashamed to confess how many books I've bought. When I'm in a plane, or on a train it's great knowing that I have a device that is slimmer than a paperback, about the same size, holds (so far) dozens of books, a hundred or so PDF files, and could, if I wished, hold MP3 music tracks as well.

Get your credit card ready, and click here

  HondaMan 09:43 10 Jan 2011

Well said, FE. I bought my wife a Kindle for Xmas on the strict understanding that when she downloaded a book, she dumped the paper version, if she had one. Result, bank balance and bookshelves are considerably lighter!

  iscanut 10:01 10 Jan 2011

I gave the Amazon link earlier, but do not have knowledge of the ather e Readers available.Also when on a plane, no problem using the Kindle as all you need to remember is switch the wifi off.

  tonyq 11:13 10 Jan 2011

ukpostcode,hope you don't mind me asking in your posting,but to the people that have the Kindle,is there a way to back up all the ebooks that have been downloaded?

  tullie 11:36 10 Jan 2011

You dont have to back them up.If you accidently uninstall them,you can download them again without cost.

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