OTT_B 15:15 11 Aug 2010

I'm looking to get my partner a present. She reads (a lot!) and was wondering if anyone has anything to say about the Kindle. There seems to be a 3G version due for release soon, which would be what I would order.

But.....there's just one problem. My partner is a bit of a tradionalist when it comes to books. Is there anyone out there who can vouch for the Kindle, and if it would win over someone who likes the touch and smell of the printed word??

  wiz-king 16:30 11 Aug 2010

Overkill. I have a plain and simple Sony e-book reader PRS 505 that is pocket (large) size. The Kindle is larger and wont fit in a pocket - or handbag - so well. Also the touch screen on the latest Kindle and the new Sony is reflective and you may get unwanted reflections.
As to your question about the smell and feel it wont replace a real book.

  LinH 19:34 11 Aug 2010

Have to agree with wiz-king - the Kindle is overkill, though I believe the new model coming out is a lot less money than the original. Also (and I stand to be corrected here) I think you are locked in to Amazon's proprietry software and therefore have limited book shopping opportunities.

I have the smaller Sony e-book reader (PRS 300)and find it ideal. On a recent holiday I took five books with me, all on a machine about 6ins by 4ins. And with the Sony I can shop anywhere, specially my local library which has just extended it's service to include e-books.

Brilliant really!


  DieSse 22:58 11 Aug 2010

If you want the opinion of an (old) avid reader - I would hate an ebook reader.

Books (real ones that is) are just about the perfect format - cheap, easy to obtain, difficult to damage, need no power source, work in all lights and situations, and won't break the nank if you lose one. What's more they can't be switched off by the supplier, and have a large and thriving second hand market.

In short just about perfect.

IMHO ebook readers are an unecessary technical gimmick.

So there ;-))

  Forum Editor 23:14 11 Aug 2010

I'm an avid reader, and when I travel - which I do a fair bit - I always like to have some books at hand. I used a Kindle when they were first available, and was delighted with it. I tried a Sony reader, and for me it wasn't the same.

I have just ordered the new generation Kindle because it promises to be even better. It costs £109, and at that price it's a bargain in my opinion.

It has a new High-Contrast E-Ink Screen, which Kindle claims is 50% better contrast than any other e-reader, and can be read without glare in bright sunlight.

There are new, crisper fonts, and a 21% smaller body with a 6" reading area.

It's 17% Lighter - weighs less than an ordinary paperback book.

A single battery charge will last up a month with wireless off

The Kindle will store up to 3,500 books

Wi-Fi is built in. You can download books anywhere.

You can browse the web over Wi-Fi, although this is an experimental feature at the moment. I have yet to get my hands on the Kindle, so I can't comment.

  Forum Editor 23:25 11 Aug 2010

I would agree with you that 'real' books are ideal, until it comes to travelling with them. I'm one of those readers who always has two or three different books on the go at once, and when I travel I like to travel light - or as light as you can be with a laptop, a camera, and a suitcase.

Adding half a dozen books to that lot can be a might irritating, but with a Kindle I can take as many as I like, and they weigh no more than one paperback. An added advantage is that I can make research notes as I read.

It's not all good news - I can't lend a book to anyone, and I haven't dared to use the Kindle in the bath, but apart from that I'm hooked. Reading a Kindle is a pleasure - I wouldn't have one if that was in any way a problem. I was bowled over by my first Kindle, and the new one promises to be a lot better.

  OTT_B 07:54 12 Aug 2010

DieSse: your comments are (almost comically) exactly what I would exepct my fiance to say. The question is, have you used a Kindle or similar?!

FE: Interesting info on the web surfing capabilities of the new Kindle, and the revised screen is sounding good as well. I'll be interested to know how capable it will be for web surfing as more info becomes available. It might just make the difference. But, does this not just make it into a black and white (cheap) iPad?!

  Forum Editor 23:03 12 Aug 2010

"a black and white (cheap) iPad?!"

Hardly. The Kindle isn't a computer, it's an e-book reader that has some added capabilities, it won't run PC applications.

The browser capability is certainly interesting, provided it works properly. Kindle says it's 'experimental', so we'll see. I have to wait until early September before I get my hands on the new device.

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