'killer USB' that FRIES laptops.

  Ex plorer 14:16 04 Jul 2015

I found This while researching Flash drives.

  mole1944 14:27 04 Jul 2015

Very old news

  Ex plorer 14:37 04 Jul 2015

OK its just that its got the todays date on the newspaper, maybe it will have tomorrows date Sunday with same heading.

Will close thread.

  wee eddie 15:55 04 Jul 2015

This sounds like a particularly stupid way, and expensive, way of destroying a laptop.

Firstly: The laptop is destroyed > the Owner will know this and destroy the USB Drive and load his back-up onto another Lappy.

Secondly: If you can find someone stupid enough to plug an unknown USB Drive into his Lappy, the least your average Nob would like to do is to gather some information off the Lappy's Drive when it next goes on line. Malware would be much more effective and can be fairly easily be organised to clear the content of the Lappy, some time later, therefor not alerting Mr Stupid that he has got a problem.

  mole1944 15:03 07 Jul 2015

Well said wee eddy

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