Kids laptop that'll run games

  FreddyNoFriends 19:25 24 Jun 2009

Hi all.

I'm just about to hit the "buy" button on this; click here ...and was wondering if anyone knew of anything around right now which might be better for the same money.
I need something small enough a kid can carry to school but has a DVD drive, that has plenty of Gb for her iTunes, and has sufficient or dedicated graphics so she can run a few games such as FEAR, etc, even if it's at low res and dodgy frame rates.
My budget is £400 absolute max (not a penny more) and her birthday is in a week from now!
I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

  bounce44 19:41 24 Jun 2009

Hi first of all DO NOT BUY that Laptop. Anything by Fujitsu Siemens will not last long, i have bought two laptops made by them, and both broke down after a year.
Secondly you will not get a laptop for £400 that will run ANY games, especially Fear.

For your budget, i would get this
click here

Very decent CPU and plent of ram and hard drive for that price. Only comes with vista basic though. You won't find much better than that for the price.

  tullie 19:48 24 Jun 2009

If you want to run just what id call small type games that are available on Reflexive,Gamehouse etc,then no probs.You could spende £50 less though,if thats all you put on it.Even some larger games will run can install the following onto the laptop and check any games befor purchase with this click here

  FreddyNoFriends 20:37 24 Jun 2009

Thanks for the replies.

I quite like the look of the Acer, bounce44, but she was very specific on wanting to do some gaming on it, in particular Call of Duty 3 and 4, FEAR, Far Cry 2, etc. I tried to explain that on this budget it would be nigh impossible, but I think it was kind of lost on her - she's only 12.

I've had plenty of experience in upgrading graphic cards in the desktops we have around the house, but no clue how to do that with a laptop. Is it something I could add to the system in a month or two, or are these laptops with dedicated graphics impossible to add graphics cards to?

As for the "can you run it" site, tullie, I've used that myself on numerous occasions, but I was hoping to know before I bought the laptop whether it would run the games mentioned.
Any other way I can research that?

  interzone55 20:52 24 Jun 2009

You can't upgrade the graphics on a laptop.

If you want to play the likes of Call Of Duty 4 on a laptop then you need something that will cost way, way more than £400.

Also, if your daughter is only 12 she shouldn't even be playing the likes of CoD & Fear, they're both rated 16+ or over...

  bounce44 20:52 24 Jun 2009

Im pretty sure Graphics cards on 99% of Laptops can't be upgraded.

I payed £700 for a Acer gemstone laptop, and that has a ok graphic card in it, and even that will barely play games. Laptop gaming is just a big no even for smaller games unless you have unlimited budget.

But that Acer laptop above is superb value for everything(apart from gaming).

She must be smart kid if wanting to play such great games at that age! Never got inot gaming on a pc till well over 18

Im in process of ordering a gaming desktop. You could actually get a decent gaming desktop desktop for between £450-£500 that would run those games at ok settings.

Ive gone through 4 laptops in about 5 years, they are bloody useless all said and done and don't last very long.

  bounce44 20:54 24 Jun 2009

Alan14 kids all age play GTA and thats 18+ game.
I think allowing your kid to play a few war games is hardly going to turn them into a killing

  FreddyNoFriends 21:10 24 Jun 2009

Yes, she is a smart kid - and she kicks me into dust on most games. Scary...!

I take your point bounce44 - I think I'll have to admit defeat. Hopefully I can talk her into an iPod touch or something.

Thanks for the advice.

  AL47 22:06 24 Jun 2009

yes give up with that money, my laptop 2 years ago cost me under a grand, it was good in its time, ok now, but not that special, laptops are unupgradable in graphics and they date quickly

fyi my laptop 512 graphics card its really what you need, a 256 would scrape it, maybe

  FreddyNoFriends 00:10 25 Jun 2009

Think I've talked her into a new graphics card for her desktop and an iPod touch instead. lol.
Thanks all.

  D@ve 01:39 25 Jun 2009

I notice that most kids that ask for laptops don't want them because they're portably, they just think that they're more fashionable, so it is pointless really spending all that on one when you will get much more from a desktop upgrade and for far less money

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