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  mcdhu 21:18 12 Nov 2009

I never thought I would have to do this, but one of my teenagers has fallen amongst thieves - I caught him creeping in the other day as I left for work at 0435!!

Most of his comms are by MSN and I cannot monitor what he is up to.

Can anyone advise on monitoring or keylogging software - preferably remotely. I have tried Googie, but it is confusing and most of the possibilities are in the US.

Any help or advice would be welcome


  mrwoowoo 21:32 12 Nov 2009

You could try this as it's free.
click here

  OTT_Buzzard 23:26 12 Nov 2009

It's up to you if you go down that route, but i'd suggest talking to your son before spying on him. It's not an answer to the question in your post, i know.

  Forum Editor 23:45 12 Nov 2009

I wouldn't be saying this unless you had asked, but you did, so....

I advise you very strongly against spying on your son's private life in this way. He's not the first teenager to come creeping in at dawn - I certainly did the same thing on many occasions, and so did my children. It doesn't necessarily mean he's 'fallen among thieves', unless you have other evidence of it.

My suggestion would be the same as OTT_Buzzard - talk to your son and explain that to a parent a teenager coming in at that time of the morning can be a worrying thing - he probably doesn't understand that you might be concerned for his welfare. I don't know why we seem to assume that staying out late at night means something bad - you can get up to mischief in broad daylight.

  mcdhu 08:28 13 Nov 2009

Thank you ladies and gents for taking the time to help me. To those of you who advocate talking to him, believe me we have tried, and to those of you who rightly point out that he wouldn't be the first to come in with the milkman, I agree but the world has become a more unpleasant place and I, when I did it decades ago, had a few bob in my pocket - no mobile, no i-touch, no watch etc. The situation is now also affecting his work in the important GCSE years.

As result of your advice, I will defer this project for a while to see if we can make progress some other way, but MSN is at the heart of this.

Again, thanks.

  birdface 09:36 13 Nov 2009

In MSN.Tools.Options.Messages.If message history is ticked.It is saved on to the computer.

  tullie 20:34 13 Nov 2009

Believe me,a lot of us have problems with our kids,just talk to them when you can,keep your fingers crossed,most eventually wake up to themselves.

  Input Overload 21:51 13 Nov 2009

I remember the old saying 'A suspicions parent makes for a sly child'.

  VallySko 15:17 11 May 2010

I can advise you ProteMac KeyBag.Try)

  ronalddonald 16:30 11 May 2010

he could be seeing girl or job or out partying may be working on a project. Dont spy on him do waht the FE and OTT buzzard are suggesting you dont want a broken relationship over something trivial

I fail to see the why him coming home at 04:35 makes you think he has become a thief. Has anything else happened to suggest that is the case? If not then I think partying / getting drunk / seeing a girl are more likely explanations.

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