That keyboard problem

  BigRik 17:41 20 Feb 2006

Hi all.

Some of you have probably seen the keyboard issue post I have in the Helproom. I've added to it, but as its now become a consumer issue I've moved my last post in there to here and ticked it.

As I couldn't get any further help or solve the problem myself, my friend has decided to get an exchange if she can.

The keyboard, monitor and HDD all came in one box and was bought from Comet in November as a Xmas present for her son. They did not set everything up until January. The keyboard was fine for the first couple of weeks, then the shift keys started to act weird.

She phoned the store (in Birmingham) and they have said she should take it up with HP, but are Comet not responsible for proving the fault was not inherent within the first 6 months of purchase?

As it came packaged with everything else, and the shop has a change of heart and says they will change it, can they ask for the whole lot back or should they just be able to swap the keyboard? I've a feeling this may be up to the supplier.

She's hoping to get this sorted on Wednesday, so any quick help is received with much thanks!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:23 20 Feb 2006

[quote]are Comet not responsible for proving the fault was not inherent within the first 6 months of purchase[/quote]

Yes, they are.

As retailers they also have responsibility for the first year for anything that goes wrong.

  Forum Editor 18:26 20 Feb 2006

within six months of purchase the onus is on the retailer to demonstrate that the fault was not present at the time of purchase - which in this case would prove impossible.

Your friend is entitled to a new, or repaired keyboard, but the choice (as to which option) is the retailer's, and not your friend's. The retailer is entitled to opt to repair the keyboard within a 'reasonable time', not specified in the law.

It wouldn't be reasonable in the circumstances to treat the entire package as part of the keyboard, so your friend will not need to part company with the computer. I would be amazed if the retailer did anything other than hand over a replacement.

Whatever happens, your friend does not have to contact HP - that's Comet's problem.

  BigRik 20:02 20 Feb 2006

Thank you so much for your help.

Having just come off the phone to my friend, she has spent 1½ hours on the phone today to an HP call centre in India after Comet had told her they could not do anything until they'd heard from HP. They've also said that even if they did, she would have to take the whole lot down there, set it back up again and see for themselves!! Apparently she cannot just take the keyboard in as all of their computers are "out front".

I've told her to do nothing more now than print off a copy of your reply FE (I hope that's OK) and take that down to the store on Wednesday. It sounds to me as they are playing on the customers lack of consumer rights knowledge. Apparently, they did tell her she has consumer rights, but when she said "So what are they?" they replied with "You find out!"

When I know the outcome, I'll post here.

  BigRik 22:50 22 Feb 2006

Oh dear.

It was still insisted that SHE must contact HP at first, even after explaining she new her rights, but in the end they caved in, phoned HP, and she has a new working keyboard.

Thanks again for all your help.

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