Keyboard heaven?

  Forum Editor 13:52 20 Mar 2007

Regular forum users will know that I have a bit of a thing about keyboards - I do a lot of writing, and the quest for a really superb keyboard is ongoing.

I came close recently when I acquired a solid aluminium Enermax board click here which is, I must say, one of the best I've ever used. I was pretty happy with the Enermax until.........

along came this click here

As soon as I saw and tried this keyboard I knew I had to have one. The key action is like the best laptop keyboard I ever used (IBM ThinkPad), and as far as appearance goes..we're talking seriously classy design here. It works perfectly with Vista, and the snazzy little USB Bluetooth adapter that comes with the board connected first time.

I'm currently in the honeymoon period, but so far we're getting along beautifully. The keyboard is outrageously expensive, but dare I say, it's worth ever penny. If like me you use a keyboard for long periods, and good design and build-quality floats your boat I urge you to take a good look at the Logitech.

  jack 14:01 20 Mar 2007

Wow! but I guess I am doomed to stick with my £3 special from the computer fair- because............

See 50 up and summats gotta change shortly to appear in Speakers Corner.

  amonra 14:10 20 Mar 2007

The words "money, sense, than, more", spring to mind ?

  wee eddie 14:27 20 Mar 2007

Flash a fancy keyboard at him and he's yours.

I can't say that I blame him, considering the amount of time he spends attached to his.

Now.....If I could only learn to type with more than 2 fingers..... the world would be my oyster.

  amonra 14:31 20 Mar 2007

wee eddie

You mean there's more than one way to type ???????? (I'm up to three fingers)

  I am Spartacus 14:37 20 Mar 2007

I've been trying to remember which keyboard you bought previously so thanks for the link to Enermax. I notice the price has come down a bit and I'm going to order one.

Do you not miss a numeric keypad on the new one though?

  SB23 15:52 20 Mar 2007

I'll have to stick with my 4 year old Packard Bell keyboard I suppose. But FE if your stuck for somewhere to store your old Enermax one, I'll look after it for you, honest.

  Zero G 15:57 20 Mar 2007

Each to their own.
The FE seems have a certain thing about Keyboards.
Why not do a review on them in the magazine then???

  Forum Editor 16:10 20 Mar 2007

"The words "money, sense, than, more", spring to mind?"

Really? Thanks for that.

1. I partly earn my living with my keyboard - I use it every day, and for quite a few hours at a stretch - almost entirely for typing great reams of text. It's tool, rather like a £5000 SLR camera is a tool for a professional photographer.

2. I run an IT consulting company, computer hardware is a business expense.

3. I make the money, presumably by having at least a grain or two of sense, so I guess I can spend it how I like.

  Forum Editor 16:11 20 Mar 2007

I don't do reviews - we have a reviews editor who does that.

  Forum Editor 16:25 20 Mar 2007

I have used a numeric keypad about twice in the last decade, so the lack of one isn't a problem. The keyboard is compact, not much bigger than the one on a decent 17" laptop - it takes up very little deskspace. It has few gizmos apart from a touch-sensitive audio volume slider that has little lights which follow your finger as you adjust the volume. There's a small circular touch pad with two buttons, so at a push you don't even need a mouse. Touch a small button and the text entry cursor jumps to wherever the pointer is.

There are zoom buttons, and a sleep button. Finally, there's a Windows button, and one that launches Media Player, plus a mute button. All the controls illuminate in a fetching amber colour when you touch them, the light fading automatically after a few seconds.

Vista recognised the board immediately, and installed its own driver, the keyboard worked within seconds. So far I've only tested it up to ten feet away from the desk, and it worked perfectly. Why anyone would want to use a keyboard much further away than that I can't imagine.

A full charge went into the battery in two hours, and Logitech say that should last me about two months.

All in all it's fantastic, but then it should be, it costs £149.

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