HondaMan 14:02 16 May 2007

I'm looking for a new keyboard and fancy this
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How about you FE?

  Forum Editor 15:33 16 May 2007

I got the email about this today - I've been on the waiting list for about two years.

I find the company's approach to all this a tad pretentious - it's a keyboard for goodness sake. Admittedly it will probably be a nice one, but it isn't going to halt the planet in its orbit.

I doubt that I'll be ordering one next week, and then waiting until December to get it - life's far too short for such complexities. Anyway, I'm already using the best keyboard since time began.

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  appletrees 21:40 17 May 2007

Optimus Maximus keyboard doesn't seem to have a wrist pad section. Ergonomically, I'm sure you'd be better off with a keyboard that does. I have a Genius multimedia keyboard that has a nice feel to it, and after 3-4 years' use, it's still behaving. Last week I bought a Logitech keyboard for a friend from ebuyer (£22.55 inc carriage and VAT), and that one has very quiet keys. Both these are basic multimedia, wired keyboards that WORK and feel nice.

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