Kettle malfunctioning....twice!!

  p;3 18:54 29 Jul 2006

bought a brand new Haden kettle and took it to work;it was very spasmodic on wanting to work, if at all ;

took it back to the local stockist for a replacement; decided to road-test it before launching it on my suffering colleagues; plugged in to a known good socket and switched on; or so I thought; no life, no light;
tried another socket, no luck; can it be Sod"s Law that TWO kettles I get BOTH from the same stockist and identical manufacturere models names will just not play ball and boil water for us?

every kettle I have got for HOME has been OK; the instant I get one for just WONT::))

I am almost speachless that this second one will not even show any power getting to it, let alone boil any water

  SG Atlantis® 19:01 29 Jul 2006

Kettles are not part of the PCA's IT criteria, are they?

  oresome 19:38 29 Jul 2006

If it's any consolation, I took two kettles back to Woolworths because the base unit made intermittent contact with the kettle on purchase.

After the second failure, I got my money back.

  Stuartli 19:47 29 Jul 2006

Certainly making your blood boil...:-)

  p;3 19:50 29 Jul 2006

I thought that my eyes were deceiving me with NO light at all on the new kettle; I am jinxed::((

  slimbo51 08:12 30 Jul 2006

Might not be PC related, but usually a chip involved in Manf Somewhere......:)

  wiz-king 08:38 30 Jul 2006

Do you know a computer room that doesn't live on tea or coffee? A very important part of computing.

We have had the same problems with jug type kettles and have changed back to the old style push in the plug style, now life is much more settled and contentment reigns.

  p;3 08:43 30 Jul 2006

I have just retested this kettle just to see if I am right; it just refuses to work;so..that"s two down and ? how many more to go??::)) have I picked a brand that does have a faulty chip in it somewhere? and I wish to keep my colleagues happy with their teas and coffees, but at this rate things are not going down tooo well; let alone me back to the shop yet again ::((

  packettracer 09:23 30 Jul 2006

Go and get a refund & go to another shop/brand

  €dstowe 09:57 30 Jul 2006

Could be due to a faulty batch of components and lax quality control.

I bought a DVD recorder which failed after it had done its first recording. A replacement behaved in the same way. The seller eventually revealed that six recorders from the same delivery were faulty - each with sequential serial numbers.

I bought a different brand.

  nigg 22:05 30 Jul 2006


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