kapersky or nod

  Garthyy 12:33 06 Nov 2007

I need a new AV which is best? I have used nod but keep hearing about kapersky. Any opinions

  Why wont it work 13:52 06 Nov 2007

A new version of Nod came out only yesterday, version 3.0. They also do a security suite which I am now running. It's seems excellent, just like the older version except it's now much more user friendly. As ever it doesn't seem to impact on the performance of pc at all, unlike many other anti-virus programs. If you are willing to pay, I personally don't think you can beat nod.

I can't comment on kapersky however as I have never used it. There are however a number of free anti-virus solutions around which do a fair job too, I use avast! and AVG on 2 of my other pcs and they seem to do okay.

  Garthyy 13:59 06 Nov 2007

I have nod on my desktop & laptop, but 1 licence about to expire, just thought it might be wise to run different av for full protection - or is that ott?

  Totally-braindead 14:25 06 Nov 2007

You're not meaning to run NOD and Kaspersky on the same computer are you?

Because that will not work and will cause major problems.

Only one anti virus program can be used at one time.

  Garthyy 14:36 06 Nov 2007

oh no not me - nod on desktop andf kap on laptop

  Totally-braindead 14:49 06 Nov 2007

Only thing I can say is that on the tests I have seen this year in various magazines Kaspersky comes out better than NOD32. No anti virus is 100% and I can't say any more on the subject as I use AVG free and don't pay for an anti virus program at all.
Mind you the tests are not against the new NOD that has been mentioned obviously.

  bjh 16:35 06 Nov 2007

I haven't personally used NOD other than having a go with the trial for a few hours (and it worked just fine), but I have used Kaspersky extensively on several machines, as well as a clutch of the other paid-for AV products.

Kaspersky is superb, always near the top of the reviews, if not the top (and consistency here counts for a lot) and extremely easy to use. NOD appears to be a little less user friendly and less intuitive. With an AV product, ease of use (and therefore certainty that you are protected) is also worth a fair deal.

The weakest part of Kaspersky is possibly the anti-spam. However, although spam is a nuisance, you get sound protection in all other areas.

Running two AV products on different computers is really quite a good idea. What one misses, the other might find. This is particularly good if you can scan over the network, so check each machine with the other AV. HOWEVER....

1) you will get twice the false positives... false alarms, in other words.
2) you may have to learn two firewalls, etc, to get your network up and running.
3) you may pay more £££ than using one product. The dreaded PC World has a single licence for Kaspersky Internet suite for £25, but the three licence version is but £29... Buy NOD instead, and you will make a more than twice as large hole in your pocket.

  Why wont it work 17:43 06 Nov 2007

The old Nod32 2.7 was very hard to get to grips with. If you look at the new one it's extremely user friendly.

It is quite expensive, although Garthy if you currently have Nod, it might be cheaper to renew it than buy a whole new program. Nod32 is always first or second in reviews/ tests (trades blows with Kaspersky) and uses hardly any system resources, like Kaspersky. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong really!

  Why wont it work 17:48 06 Nov 2007

*unlike Kaspersky

  ajm 07:21 07 Nov 2007

Kaspersky Internet Security 2007 3 user licence £29.99

kaspersky changes your file system is much much heavier than nod (2.7) but has a lot more 'extras' firewall etc. nod 3 and ess 3 have a little settling in to do. click here
nod is a very high class av that uses near no resources, however they seem to be changing for the masses i had a free upgrade to v3 and it's a lot hard hitting and a little buggy, why they have to change a perfect program and start experimenting with firewall and anti spam is similar to zone alarm adding a load of second rate extras to a good firewall. they are doing this because some people want firewalls.
i use nod 2.7 with spyware blaster and a nat router which works fine for me and long may this continue.

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