JVC recorder

  BeeWee 17:22 05 Jul 2008

I bought a JVC DR-M10 dvd recorder approx. 2 years ago. I have no proof of purchase. I have been out of the country for the past year and although the recorder was playing up before I left I had no time to contact JVC.
I have read on the internet that the problems I am experiencing are well known but when I rang JVC last week they told me there was nothing they could do as I had no proof of purchase.
I paid over £200 for this machine and have had no use from it at all. Is there ANYTHING I can do?

  mrwoowoo 19:59 05 Jul 2008

If you bought by credit card,then you could look online at your bank statement and find the proof of purchase there.

  ayrmail 22:08 05 Jul 2008

“I paid over £200 for this machine and have had no use from it at all.” Did it not work during the first year?
Did you buy it from a retailer with a 1 or 2 year warranty; can you take it back to them?

  BeeWee 22:20 05 Jul 2008

I bought it from Amazon and have spent ages going through my bank statements online.

It had a very flaky start...sometimes it worked and then it would get stuck in the "loading" loop. When it worked I would think...ahh it's ok now but more recently it's next to useless.

I should have kept some record of the purchase I know,

  interzone55 16:19 06 Jul 2008

If you bought it from Amazon the sale details should be stored in your Amazon account - try contacting them rather than JVC, after all your contract is with Amazon, not JVC.

  BeeWee 17:19 06 Jul 2008

Brilliant! I didn't think of that...after trawling through all those bank statements too!

Anyway, it was Ebuyer and not Amazon.
Now there's another snag..I have read Ebuyer's T&C's and their guarantee is for 1 year. I will have had it for 3 years in September so I don't know about returning it to them. I have read on numerous fora(?) (forums) that JVC would repair this well known fault out of guarantee times though so will now investigate that avenue.
Although I have had the machine for this length of time it has had little use.

  interzone55 17:56 06 Jul 2008

I deal a lot with JVC's Professional division, and they're generally very efficient.
I don't know what their consumer division is like, but JVC Pro pride themselves on the quality of their merchandise and the fact that they keep spares for 7 years after a product has been discontinued...

  BeeWee 18:04 06 Jul 2008

Thank you alan14 for your help. At least I have proof of purchase now. I was thinking of packing the recorder up and sending it to JVC - I can't use it anyway so it's just sitting there. If I do this there might be a chance that JVC will repair it for me!

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