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  Giantsquid 21:33 10 Apr 2005

Hi all,

Don't know it it's just me but getting my home movies from the camcorder into the computer and out as a DVD seems nearly an impossible task, frames dropped here, hours to render, then all goes wrong and error messages jump out at you and after spending days on end trying to sort it all you end up with are frustrations and the same size bag of tapes.

Can anyone or does anyone (perhaps on the highstreet) offer this service, I mean you take the tape in and 2 weeks later you pick the tape up with a nice shiny DVD with all your treasured family footage ready to be viewed on any DVD player ? can anyone answer that for me because I am sick of trying to do it myself, looking at some threads on here you need a computer that can do mach 2 past light speed to be able to do the job succesfully not mentioning what software you have to buy, and to be honest I have spent enough on computers,

what does the forum think ?

Thanks to all,

  TomJerry 00:16 11 Apr 2005

just get a Recordable DVD player (or DVD Recorder) and do it the same way as you copy from one VHS to another VHS

LiteOn LVW-5006 £144 click here

the service you described do exist (I read it in this forum sometime ago), but it is not cheap

  pj123 11:26 11 Apr 2005

Here you go:

click here

Tel: 01454 772857

£10 a go for up to 4 hours.

They will send you a brochure if you ask.

  Giantsquid 12:50 11 Apr 2005

TomJerry and pj123,
Checked both of the links thanks, the idea about the DVD recordable may be the best way to go as I would hate to lose my tapes in the post, so I may as well do them myself, not into editing or fancy music, just to Burn to DVD as the tapes are at the moment.
The link to the guy in Bristol is a good noe also because my sons have never seen me and the wifes wedding video (1991) so I may give her a treat (which is not often !) and get it onto DVD.
TomJerry, my camcorder uses a A/V connecting cable to play on the tv screen, would the liteon accept this ? and is it just a case of connecting up the two and sending my video to the hard drive then burning onto a DVD ? sorry if I appear a little daunted by all this but after both parents have died in the last 2 years I put myself up as family archivist and need copies to distrubute to my sister and brothers, One last thing, the Liteon has 2 models the 5005 and the 5006, I don't mind paying a little more for the correct model if there is an advantage to do it ?

Thanks again I really appreciate it,

  pj123 13:07 11 Apr 2005

I use the Liteon LVW5005 and have no problems with it. No hard disk in mine or the 5006. I am using it at the moment to transfer all my old Beta tapes to DVD and will follow that up with the VHS tapes.

It runs in real time.

Full spec for the LVW5006 from: click here

If you want one with a hard disk go for the LVW 5045: click here

  Giantsquid 13:09 11 Apr 2005

Sorry just realised the DVD recorder does not have a Hard Drive, so we are looking at a superior model if I want to record to the HD, so this allows you to record programmes and then make your own mind up if you want to keep them by burning to DVD, or erasing to keep the clutter to a minimum.

I think I would prefer one with a HD, have you any knowledge on prices for these ? Pricerunner has one at £320 or so this is also a Liteon model,

Many thanks,

  TomJerry 13:14 11 Apr 2005

you can just connect A/V lead to it and convert straight away. you can see all the connection ports in the manual click here

5005 is older model, so better to get 5006, see spec click here

Liteon is a company specicilised in optical driver (Cd writer, DVD writer etc). Its dvd recorder is loved by many users and it performs as well as more expensive modles from Sony, Phlips etc.

  Giantsquid 13:36 11 Apr 2005

Brilliant, Sorted going for the 5045, it will work with my camcorder, and it is something which the family have wanted as our VHS went bang a while back,

You have made my day !


Now I have to sort out a Graphics Card for my computer, that went bang last week !

  TomJerry 14:06 11 Apr 2005

just spoil your fun

maybe it is better to get one with Digital TV turner, Sony makes one

  pj123 14:19 11 Apr 2005

click here

Free delivery from High Tech 2 Go. (not heard of them) or as TomJerry says Currys (pick it up yourself)

  Giantsquid 14:38 11 Apr 2005

TomJerry What will a digital tuner do for me ?

Thought I was sorted, now I not too sure, and I suppose it's more money ???


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