Just switched to Sky Broadband from BT

  rodriguez 15:00 01 Oct 2006

This morning I switched from BT Broadband to Sky Broadband Connect. After a few attempts, I eventually got the Mac code from BT (took a few emails and phone calls and he tried to sell me another BT package before they eventually gave me the code) and phoned Sky to order Sky Broadband Connect. Gave them the Mac code and and went through it and they said the wireless router and equipment would come within 5 days. What I need to know is what happens next? Does the line automatically change from 2 meg to 8 meg or does it go off for a bit while it changes? Will the Sky router connect to Sky Broadband when I get it in 5 days or will it try and connect to the old BT service? And how will the billing change? Does BT take payments up until the end of the month or does this all suddenly change to Sky?

  spuds 17:02 01 Oct 2006

BT and Sky are two different companies, so different rules will apply to most of your questions.

Regarding the 8 meg service, will you actually get this, because some lines and exchanges will not guarantee this, hence the usual 'up to' in most advertising sales literature. Do a check yourself with this click here and see what you can expect.

  rodriguez 17:28 01 Oct 2006

I'm not expecting to get 8 meg, I think my line might just about handle 4 at the most. I was just wondering what would happen with the changeover because they're 2 different services so will the Internet go off for a bit while it changes? Because if the DSL service that's on the line hasn't changed to Sky by the time the equipment comes, I don't know whether it will connect because it will still be BT. I was wondering if anyone's done this before and I was wondering what to expect when it changes over.

  kindly 17:40 01 Oct 2006

Hi rodriguez, what you might find is that a short lose of connection time will happen. Hopefully it will be only a few minutes. You should get a date when it changes over to sky. So long as the MAC code is ok. When you get the router, sky will have an engineer call to set it up if you asked for one. This is in the adverts. You should also get the username and password from sky. These will be needed to connect up through the router. This will be set by entering the router config settings. Usually by typing in the IP address like or something like that. You will best check to see if the engineer is going to install it for you before worrying about it.

  rodriguez 18:46 01 Oct 2006

That sounds simlilar to what I had to do when I first got BT. It seems pretty straight forward anyway - I was expecting the connection to disappear for hours or days. I'll wait for Sky to give the change date and time and I'll plug in the Sky equipment after it's changed over. Thanks for that it seems like it'll be ok.

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