Just to say Thanks PCWorld

  computernerdiamnot 14:13 27 May 2004

I would just like to say thank you to a techie in pcworld by the name of Mark at the Catford branch London.

My son's Laptop a EI System, decided it was going to do what it wanted to do and........... not play ball. The machine would not start in any mode which resorted to the recovery mode, nope machine was not having any of it. Went to PcWorld at midday and left machine with mark and sais i would return in a hour.

Came back within time i stated and a brand new machine was waiting for me, no hassles no getting irate just a quick and simple soloution.

Oh and by the way we still dont know what was up with the machine, but i am happy as lamb.

Could not help thinking on the way down "keep my cool and dont get heated" i wish everyone could be satisfied as i was today.

  Forum Editor 16:37 27 May 2004

with us. It's an excellent example of customer service doing what it should do - keeping the customer happy.

  Sir Radfordin 16:40 27 May 2004

As it should be I guess - the laptop must've had a problem and instead of messing around with various 'options' it is best for all concerned to replace it. If only this were the norm.

  computernerdiamnot 19:31 27 May 2004

What surprised me is the negative response PCWorld have gotten and i for one have posted a thread regarding PCWorld's customer service.

So could you imagine me going down there with all the negative vibes and thinking what was going to happen. Only to proved so wrong and Mark just tlod me to come to one side and explain what was happening, before i even turned the machine on he asked if i had bought witin 28 days and said if anything he will replace it which he did on my return.

As the saying goes there is good and bad in everybody

  anchor 20:12 27 May 2004

computernerdiamnot: I am pleased that things were settled so well, and so easily.

Unfortunately, not every problem with PCW is resolved in this efficient way. Three cheers for Mark, and other like him at PCW. May others working for the company take note.

  Djohn 20:16 27 May 2004

PC World are not as bad as some of the threads will have us believe. I use them quite a bit and always happy with the service received.

They did the exact same thing for my son's laptop last year, went into the shop because we couldn't get a display on the screen. After a quick check for the fault it was exchanged there and then for a new model of a different make, we just paid the extra £100.00 for the better spec. machine.

  computernerdiamnot 20:37 27 May 2004

What gave it the special touch was that he made the decision and had the senior techie to back him and no manager or grey suit was involved.

  billy 21:45 27 May 2004

I must admit I had asimilar experience. The returns desk was busy (a bit worrying in itself) but those ahead seemd to well served. when it cam to me a test proved my scanner was broken and there was no problem with offering a new replacemnt, or since prices had dropped the gave me the value of a btter spec machine agsint the original value. As with computernerdiamnot the tecie dealt with it all.
I must say I have had ciontrary experiences with other complanies where the money spent making ineffective fixes far outweighed the eventual cost of replacemnt (as confirmed wiht the company) With the complexity on new equipment it is often to replace than diagnose the fault and fix.

  bowl 23:57 27 May 2004

I have had to return a Lexmark printer and also a camera card on different occasions and both times I was treated with respect and the items replaced without question well done!

  ajm 00:18 28 May 2004

Working for a large retail company, the staff are all trained to be polite and corteous at all times to cuastomers. It's those minority of customers who come in the store, shouting, stomping and demanding too much, they are the ones we will deal with them in a [email protected]@@@Y manner and will make it hard for them to get what they think they are entitled to and what the law says.

There are also a few employees who will go out of their way to bend the company policies jsut to give good customer service. A few customer do tend to write or speak to the manager about the excellent service. Its a shame that the majority did not.

  Brian-336451 07:45 28 May 2004

What a nice thing to have read.

Firstly well done to the techie concerned (who'll probably just say he was doing his job - true).

Secondly and probably more importantly in this context to 'computernerdiamnot' for reporting his experience to 100,000+ readers here.

PCW have been somewhat demonized over the last couple of years with a succession of 'own goals' and a totally mystifying policy of poor customer service/performance with reports NOT going up the line to someone who can actually change things.

When in UK I use my local branch of PCW in Doncaster and have had nothing but good (retail) service, an HP Deskjet 3550 was my latest purchase for Bangladesh. The price was even £10 cheaper than recommended.

Perhaps we have a little perspective here. Just because a retail 'giant' has incomprehensible policies, it doesn't mean they employ bad people.

A really nice outcome - well done.

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