Just ordered my Cougar PC!

  symphony 14:01 03 Jan 2008

I just ordered my PC from Cougar having spoken to them about my spec requirements.
I will keep you posted about how I get on throughout the process..
First impressions are very good..
The bloke I spoke to was helpful and honest-no pressure to spend more and advised I didn't need some extras I was thinking of (graphics card and sound card- I don't do gaming.)
Refreshing to get an honest response. If I was in PC world I would at least be 'persuaded' with regards to their extra warranty nonsense.
So after a lot of research and (too much?) thought I have finally gone for it with Cougar. Novatech seem dearer by a large margin for similar spec as do a lot of other companies I've looked at.
So as I say first impressions are very good and I will keep posting up about my experiences throughout the process.
P.S. In case you're wondering what I went for...
Core 2 duo 2.20 GHZ
4GB Kingston RAM
250 GB hard drive
Impress case
Integrated graphics and sound card
+/- Re-writer
XP Home Edition (Yes, I know there's Vista..)
Free carriage.
343 pounds plus 3 percent credit card charge.

  SB23 14:29 03 Jan 2008

I'll be curious, as I'm thinking of ordering from them aswell.
My present pc, although working fine isn't worth upgrading, so will be ok for the kids, and I will be buying a new one for me.
From what I've heard they do seem very good, and its nice to be able to explain the spec YOU need, as opposed to being told what you need.

Please keep us informed.


  shellship 15:32 03 Jan 2008

I got my Cougar as a Christmas present for myself. VG except I should have got their wireless LAN. Also, check how many PCI slots there are in case you want to expand later - mine had only one free (lowest spec graphics card covered one up). Finally, specify how many USB slots you want - if there aren't many by default and there isn't space for a USB PCI card it makes life more difficult.

  symphony 17:31 04 Jan 2008

Hi all..
Thanks for the response Cougar. It's a fair offer and it gives me some peace of mind- I don't have to panic: "do I have everything I need"? because it can come back to you if need be for add-ons.
I'm very 'Basic Brian' when it comes to computing, I'm a near-beginner. I don't know what a PCI slot is to tell the truth!! I'll worry about it later and if becomes an issue within the 30 days it's no real problem.
Hope you are pleased when you get yours. Please don't be disappointed if my comments are basic and limited to the service I experience- newbie alert!!
Got an email from the company today to say payment has cleared and gives a time line for delivery. I think it's saying about 7 days. That's ok with me 'cos I'm awaiting modem drivers from Tiscali.

As I've said elsewhere on these forums I'd far rather deal with a small company. Some of the tales I've heard about 'service' from some of the big guns is a wee bit chilling. Far more satisfying, for me, to give my money to a smaller company where it makes a difference and is appreciated rather than swallowed up by an impersonal multnational that dosen't give a damn- as long as they have your cash that is.

  iscanut 17:35 04 Jan 2008

Hows that for service ! Backs up all the favourable comments re Cougar over the past few months. They will be getting my business in a couple of weeks.

  symphony 19:24 15 Jan 2008

Comp arrived today. Well packaged. No useful instructions (I'm a near-beginner). Anyway I managed.
When it landed it would not power up at all. I phoned them and spoke to John who asked me to remove the side panels as something may have disconnected in transit. With his help over the phone I was able to locate and reconnect some disconnected wires. Very happy it didn't have to go back at least.. The help to do this was good and it was good they trusted me to do it.
Cabinet isn't mint, it has quite a lot of faint scuffs and scratches to the front but I imagine they'd sort that for me if it was a big deal to me.
Some useful freeware programmes were pre-installed which was nice to see.
I need to check with them I got the DVD drive I ordered as I'm not sure.
I've phoned them approx 6 times now since ordering and you get to speak to a human being within a matter of seconds and they know what they're on about.
More to follow later..

  Scorpion Bay 19:49 15 Jan 2008

I must add my praise for Cougar. I have found them to be one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. I have had to send my PC back to them twice and have never actually gotten to use it yet. However, the first occasion was my own fault and could have been solved by reading the instruction manuals, and the second was due to the courier mishandling the box, and as a result the PC was damaged (case and graphics cards).

Unlike bigger companies, they have had no qualms about recalling the unit, and have even apologised on behalf of the courier (I really can't see someone like PC World doing that!)

I am (and I really can't stress this enough) absoloutely delighted with the service I have received from Cougar - like Symphony I have spoken to John a lot, but every member of their team is polite and knowledgeable, such a difference from big retailers.

I know it's only a PC, but their service and profesionalism coupled with the value and quality means I genuinely can not wait to get my system back. I would not hesitate to order anything and everything from them; they deserve all the great publicity they get...they've certainly earned it.

  iscanut 12:37 16 Jan 2008

I am awaiting an order from Cougar and would expect the case to be new, not used. I would not be happy to be sent a used, scratched case.

  Phil_S 21:20 10 Jul 2008

First time on this forum. I've just ordered a PC from Cougar after reading what are mostly good reviews. Plus when I phoned to discuss my req's Mario was really helpful. I've done a lot of looking around so I hope they deliver to expectation. It seems v.difficult to find a good, reliable company! Anyway, the spec I have ordered is below. I have only asked for it to be delivered w/c 28th July, but I will be sure to post back on my experience (which i obviously hope will be good!)..

Home Office Intel Core 2 Duo (Intel core 2 Dou E8400 3.00 GHz 6Mb Cache, 2Gb Corsair Memory DDR2 800 2x1Gb, 500GB SATA Hard Drive, , RC330 Elite Black Case , Corsair 450Watt PSU, 512Mb 8600GT Nvidia DDR DVI, QC - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 - 1333fsb, DDR1333x4 non intergrated, DVD+/- RW - 18X Samsung Lightscribe, No Floppy Disk Drive, No Monitor, Microsoft remote keyboard & mouse wireless 3000, Integrated Sound Card, Intergrated Monitor Speakers, , No Operating System, No Additional Software, , 13 Month Warranty, Free Carriage

  Forum Editor 22:29 10 Jul 2008

can use our threads to promote their businesses. By all means post your comments, critical or otherwise, about a supplier, so others can draw their own conclusions. Posts by suppliers that seek to advertise their services or promotional offers will be deleted however, and I have deleted such a post from Cougar in this thread.

  Sean_cool 16:24 18 Aug 2008

Being a newbie to the site i went ahead and ordered a new pc through Cougar after reading all the positive reviews that have been posted.
I spoke to Mario who was extremely helpful. He clearly had a clear understanding of the best materials for my custom build PC and i left my order with Cougar feeling quietly confident and not as much out of pocket as I expected... !!! I must admit, first impression were very impressive.I myself work in a custom focussed service and i know of a few companies that could learn from the way Cougar interact with their respective customers..

I'm looking forward to my PC arriving within the next 10 days and will hopefully have positive comments to filter back to the forum.

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