Just a little well deserved praise....

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 22:32 20 Jan 2004

For Staples.

Just after Xmas i say a Laserjet 2200D (With duplex unit) on sale at £279. Promptly battered my credit card and brought it as the cheapest I could find it elswhere was nearly £100 more (Incl the internet).

now I know this printer has been superceded by the 2300 series but it still is far better than the HP LJ1200 that I have been using.

However, went into the same store tonight and lo, Same printer now £220 Incl VAT - £60 cheaper than 3 weeks ago.

Happened to see the manager there and mentioned this to him. "No probs, we have a 28 day price gaurantee - bring in your receipt and we will refund the difference".


Staples are not the cheapest for PC stuff in general, (£49.00 for a 25 pack of DVD+R) but after sales and customer servvice is fantastic.

Now all I need is a new keyboard to sort out my typo's......

  square eyes 23:35 20 Jan 2004

Nice to hear! Refreshing, but i tend to think that a company is as helpful as the individual you are dealing with, his collegue may not have said or thought of that. :( (My experience only)

  square eyes 23:41 20 Jan 2004

sorry to be a pessimist holding a half-empty glass. ;)

  Forum Editor 00:50 21 Jan 2004

and I know how you must have felt - there's nothing worse than that empty feeling you get when you realise that you might have spent money needlessly.

The manager acted as a good retailer should, and in doing so he's refunded £60 but gained an ambassador for his company - others will read what you've written, and some of them may decide to use Staples as a result.

Enjoy your printer, and thanks for sharing some good news with us.

  Stuartli 08:13 21 Jan 2004

I've praised Staples on numerous occasions in these forums for a variety of reasons including knowledgeable staff, excellent prices, a willingness to offer assistance either by personal visit or phone and no quibble exchange or return of (on one occasion) a faulty product.

It's good to see yet another example of customer care displayed by Staples, a company I rate on a par with Crucial and I can't offer higher praise than that.

  MisterPaul 08:43 21 Jan 2004

when considering pc equipment. THefirst pc I bought form them was a laptop, and I managed to get a free bag for it out of them. Then in Januray I bought a pc from them. Excellent spec, and one of their '3 day only' offers. When they scanned it it came up incorrectly priced, so I saved myself £100. I found out 2 days later that they also discounted printers with pc sales. So I wentback with my reciept and they happily sold me a printer for £80 instead of £130.


  Stuartli 08:47 21 Jan 2004

Need I say any more?

  byfordr 10:55 21 Jan 2004

A few years ago I got a bed from Allders, they then had their bank holiday discount of 10% a few weeks later, they refunded me then money as part of their price promise. Top stuff!

Staples staff always have the time to answer any questions and they take the time to find out anything they don't know. An absolute gem in the high street.

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