Just discovered great new internet radio package

  erkmatrix 16:55 17 Mar 2004

Just browsing round today and proberly some of you know of it but I thought I share it with those that don't as I was just so impressed with it.the address is click here and download the [email protected] plus player.

I orginally this morning found the MSN radio channels and the radio plus service which they charge 29.99 dollars and only available for those in the US at the moment, so thought I'd see if there was any such alternatives and found this [email protected] which I think used to be called spinner or something.
Theres over 175 channels of non stop no DJ music in alsorts of catagories, I love music so theres loads I was impressed with the blues roots, funk, alternative music channels, ambient, pretty much everything you could think of, but the sound is the most thing that impressed me, I've listened to radio 1 and that and even with broadband my realplayer still skips and the sound is quite tinny, here it never skips and sound pretty damn good.

Anyway check it out if you think you might like it, don't think I'll listen to much else now.


  Stuartli 17:49 17 Mar 2004

Both RealOne and Windows Media Player can deliver as much Internet radio as you want and from a vast choice of interests.

I often listen to the US fire, police and ambulance scanner websites whilst surfing; can be fascinating at times.

  Chegs ® 23:30 17 Mar 2004

and there's Winamp,JetAudio,in addition to those.Then there are the "local radio" stations that stream online,such as click here I have 512K adsl,and rarely find Windows Media audio stream with much more than 56K,which creates a "tinny" sounding stream.It also uses a fair chunk of resources,which slowed my 1st puter(500Mhz CPU + 64Mbs RAM)leaving me unable to do much else with PC(newest build will stream audio,render vid,and still allow games play,all at once...lol)

  Stuartli 14:06 19 Mar 2004

I have a Celeron 400MHz system with 256MB of RAM and can surf normally on dialup whilst listening to Radio2 etc with only an very occasional tiny break in streaming with eitehr WMP or RealOne.

  erkmatrix 15:26 19 Mar 2004

wow just tryed the winamp and its great too, can't believe all them channels, tryed the comedy one and theres this hilarious prankcall station, that ok some of its not too good but theres a few absolutly great call.
Can't believe there is all this out there and I've been listening to stuff like sarah cox usually in the afternoon.

  tomleady 16:04 19 Mar 2004

media player has hundreds!! i've noticed that many before. excellent. gives me something to do in work!

  erkmatrix 16:16 19 Mar 2004

Yeah but if you wanted music without a dj and just non stop music then I do think netscape plus player is very good, especially when MSN radio plus charge for a lesser service.

But certainly impressed with winamp with all its excellent features.

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