just bought am XBOX slim

  iqs 19:05 19 Jan 2011

Yesterday I purchased an XBOX 250GB Slim.I have been contemplating buying one for a while,but with all the press talking about the red ring and poor reliability ,these issues persuaded me to spend my money on other items.Until yesterday..

I must say I am very impressed.I have setup streaming from my main PC to the XBOX,installed SKY Player,and Facebook lol.Games wise ,I am equally impressed.

But know for my only real issue........XBOX Live.The XBOX came with 1 months free subscription,this enabled me to set-up the above ,but for this to continue I must purchase a subscription,the cheapest I have seen in £32.

I cant understand why Microsoft couldn't of allowed you to establish a free internet connection. After paying £200 you would of thought that they could of built in a basic browser ?

What do you think of paying for internet access ?


  Forum Editor 19:17 19 Jan 2011

from Speakers Corner.

  iqs 19:21 19 Jan 2011

sorry and thanks FE

  Menzie 23:17 19 Jan 2011

Unfortunately it is one of those things that the 360 community has to put up with but personally I think Microsoft has offered a service worthy of the price for the online.

Microsoft did have an offer the last time I played my 360 in the Spotlight tab for a subscription for £29.99. You get two free Arcade games with it although you will need to enter your credit card into the 360.

I don't know if things have changed now and am sure someone will correct me if it has but you have to call customer service to remove the card from the system once it is on there.

That is why I went the voucher route for my subscription.

  rdave13 23:33 19 Jan 2011

Don't know much about this so enquired at work about the Xbox Live. Bought one for my son this Christmas.
Seems you can buy vouchers off ebay cheaper?
Gamers at work do this often they say.

Ooops, just remembered I've just used the Ch word and it's only Jan 19th.
Sorry FE...

  [email protected] 23:42 19 Jan 2011

I'm not sure you completely understand what you get when you pay for the subscription. You can still access most of the services of Xbox Live without buying a subscription. The one feature you don't get however is the ability to play games online - Microsoft argues that the subscription is used to cover the cost of hosting servers for these games to be played on. So unless your intention is to play online games, there isn't much point in paying for Xbox Live Gold.

Whether you buy the subscription or not, you don't get a 'basic browser' as far as I'm aware.

  Menzie 10:22 20 Jan 2011

I just went Gold in December myself, prior to that I was silver which means that you can download demos. Some might be exclusive to Gold members for the first few days some are exclusively Gold due to being multiplayer only.

You can also buy Arcade games, rent movies and send messages too.

I think for the Sky Player and social networking functions you must be a Gold subscriber, unfortunately I cannot vouch for these features as I don't use them.

In my opinion it is only worth going for Gold if you play online and absolutely must have a demo as soon as it is available.

If you don't play online, can wait a little longer for demos and don't plan on using the social networking features Silver is fine.

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