Just another one who thinks it wont happen to me

  Tony 19:24 25 Mar 2004

My next door but one neighbour just knocked on my door and asked me to go round and setup her daughters new computer, which I did.

I then said what about antivirus and spyware etc. oh no she (the daughter) I don't kneed it because I will only be using it for messinger and e-mail with my friends like I did with my old one.

I then tried to show her the facts about the problems that she will have and also that she or rather her computer will be to other people and she said well lett them have anti virus etc and if she gets done then she will pay someone to wipe and reinstall xp as itis simpler than all this updating etc, because she will not be using it for anthing critical.

Left the house 10 minites later the mother is back the computer keep saying that the administrator needs to restart the system every time se goes on the net go back and find blaster worm.

Fix it and again said what about anti-virus etc. still dot need it thanks.

Sorry about the length but needed to rant to let off steam if one of my customers got as bad as this would dump them even if it cost me money.

  anchor 19:40 25 Mar 2004

Most frustrating indeed.

If they don`t want to spend any money tell them about the free AVG free antivirus programme. Many forum members swear by it. Like all A/V programmes it will need regularly updating however.

click here

  Forum Editor 20:21 25 Mar 2004


This person will find out soon enough what happens when you go naked into the Internet.

  Indigo 1 21:58 25 Mar 2004

The big problem here is that they will not only be contracting virus' but passing them on to unsuspecting family and friends. How long will it take to convince people of the truth ?

  Sir Radfordin 22:20 25 Mar 2004

The blaster worm is a real problem and I'm amazed that more hasn't been done by suppliers to make sure it is stopped. I was setting up a new Acer laptop for someone in Jan. and had forgotten about Blaster and was online for 10 mins trying to download AVG (!) and it got infected. My view is suppliers should have either patched their systems or provided updates on disc for it.

As with all things computer related the mentalitiy is always "it won't happen to me" - just think how many people don't have backups?

...now where did I put my blank cds ;)

  Tony 22:27 25 Mar 2004

Yes anchor I know about Avg as I use the pro version myself and did tell them but as the Forum Editor says you can lead a horse to warter but you cant make it drink.

The problem is that as Indigo I say they will become a staging post for viruses to be sent to other people, there are still to manay people out there who just dont think that they will get one.

I did a job for a customer who only calls me once in awile (like when the modem dies, poss surge no protector) he had no anti virus or firewall etc so installed AVG free (this is home customer) he upadted a copule of times then found it a boor.

Six months down the line last week in fact calls me because his phone bill has gone from about £120 per quatre to £400 gess what theres a dialer brought in by another trojan which changed his dialup no from an 0845 local rate to a 0906 50p per minuite and did not change his home page, fixed that put in Spybot and Adware 6 showed him how to update all of above, just wating for his call because I know once the novelty wares of he will again stopp updating.

  Tony 22:35 25 Mar 2004

Hi Sir Radfordin I think I got you beat wiped an old xp computer (old because itis Amd 1.4 256 mem 10gig hdd also pirated xp pro, Installed a new legal copy, customer did not like price but I refused to use priated disk) then installed NTl Cable modem, rebooted got to the register page just put in the password and pd no and bang forgot patch about 30 seconds on net, mind this was in last October.

  Sir Radfordin 23:42 25 Mar 2004

Aye you win...but in my defence mine was on a very slow dial up connection ;) Took 10 mins for google to load!

  Indigo 1 15:35 26 Mar 2004

If the Blaster worm is still around it is because there are people who just don't realize the value of Updating or even using AV.

This surprises me because I would have thought everyone who owns a PC has heard of Virus's and the need for protection.

Don't retailers have some kind of policy to inform unwary customers of the need for proper protection ?

I was recently asked by a friend to look at her computer as it had been playing up for a while and found over 200 various spyware and virus's installed but she was under the impression that she had once done a virus scan (about 3 years ago) and as everything was fine then there was no need to worry.

I have now set up her PC to automaticaly check for updates to AV and Anti spyware and automatically download update and scan once a week, surely this is basic maintenance and could be built into the O/S ? No ?

  Belatucadrus 16:23 26 Mar 2004

Have a look at avast! 4 as with AVG it's free for home users, but it's update system is fully automatic, it checks when you log on and every four hours after that. It requires almost no user input to use. Even the most disinterested user would find little to complain about. click here

  aramis 16:57 26 Mar 2004

Microsoft are including an AV and Firewall,free trial for one year,with the latest security update pack CD. It has a "learn how to use firewall and antivirus software to help protect your PC" section, which should convince most folk about the need for security.

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