John Lewis- HP Laptops

  freddy-firecracker 14:10 30 Aug 2005


Does anyone have any experinece from buying a laptop from John Lewis. I have looked at 3 low range (£700-£800)laptops made by HP. What i need to know is

1. are they any good
2. what is the aftersales service like
3. Which model seems the best for money/longevity



  Slithe 16:07 30 Aug 2005

I looked at John Lewis for computer equipment and sometimes, dependning upon the time of year and when they are refitting, you can get excellent bargains.

However, at my local branch, John Lewis mainly supplies Sony equipment, this is OK but it is expensive. They are moving toward HP equipment at the moment and good deals can be had.

Personally, I'd never buy from John Lewis; here is the reason why and it is a true story:

I was in the Bluewater store and an elderly gentleman was looking at buying an entry level PC. In other words £300 - he wanted it to keep in touch with his grandkids and for a bit of word processing and Internet access.

The sales associate was totally incompetent - he didn't listen to the needs of the customer. I watched him - you could see the look of 'old fool easy profit' as John Lewis staff are on commission. The elderly gentleman was almost sold a £1500 machine and a useless £1000 aftercare policy.

I couldn't stand how the man was trying to be ripped off - I interrupted the conversation told the guy that he was being conned and promptly told him what he actually needed to spend, where he could get it from and some possible models.

Suffice to say I was asked to leave. However, I appreciate that every company needs to make a profit - but honesty is needed in business. Whenever I think of John Lewis - I think conmen. Sorry to anyone here who works for the company - but how that guy was treating the customer was diabolical.

Also - from what I could guage, John Lewis do not want to know if the thing breaks down after you have bought it. It is down to you to get in touch with the manufacturer yourself.

In short - avoid and go to another retailer - I'm sure people on this forum could give better advice on that one.

  girrock 01:57 31 Aug 2005

I was rather dismayed to read Slithe's answer as I shop almost exclusively in John Lewis and hold them in high esteem. Slithe's experience shows how much damage one bad apple can do. I have always found their service excellent and nothing is ever too much trouble. Over the course of 40 years I have bought almost all household hard and soft furnishing from them. If anything is damaged upon delivery it's replaced without question. If an item is unsuitable or you change your mind they will give you a refund. As they always match the lowest price available in the locality I don't waste time or shoe leather going elsewhere. Saying that, I make myself aware of what other stores are charging. Once I pointed out to an assistant that an item I was buying was cheaper elsewhere, it was 10 miles away, and he matched the price.

Now regarding your main question. On all computers J. Lewis double the manufacturers normal 1 year guarantee making it 2 years. Where on earth Slithe got this from "Also - from what I could guage, John Lewis do not want to know if the thing breaks down after you have bought it. It is down to you to get in touch with the manufacturer yourself." is beyond my comprehension. That is totally wrong and I would imagine the store would take great exception to that statement. I have no experience of the HP brand but three years ago I purchased a Sony laptop from them and the sound card packed up after two months. I was offered a refund or replacement. I accepted the refund and then after having a good look at their stock I bought a Toshiba laptop from them which has been excellent. I have never been asked to take out an extended warranty, that information has always been given in a leaflet you get with with the bill. The leaflet also explains the guarantee and after sales service.

Just as a matter of interest I use the Liverpool store and will be calling in later this week. I will bring Slithe's post to their attention and see how they respond. I am sure they will love being called conmen. The assistant in the Bluewater store deserves to be sacked.

I know you can buy with confidence from J.Lewis.

  Slithe 11:26 31 Aug 2005

Where I got the -

"Also - from what I could guage, John Lewis do not want to know if the thing breaks down after you have bought it. It is down to you to get in touch with the manufacturer yourself"

Was from another sales associate, before overhearing the conversation with the gentleman. I was interested in a Sony Laptop and after asking appropriate questions that was the sales assistant led me to believe. I got the opinion that as I was only window shopping, the assistant didn't really want to help me.

Possibly a bad day at the store - I did suspect the above to be crap (and as a law student I know it to be so), however, the experience I described led me to reconsider buying.

I hope that the writer of the above will agree with me on one point; that the people who sell these items should adhere to the highest of standards across all branches. Unfortunate as it is, that experience last year means I don't shop for electrical equipment at J Lewis.

I work part time in the retail sector and I always give honest answers. I am not popular with managers because I sell the customer what they need not something that is £20 more expensive. I am sorry but that sales associate in John Lewis (don't know if he is still there) is a conman and should either be fired or prosecuted for obtaining money by deception.

  Secret Squirrel 11:45 31 Aug 2005

JL really is an excellent store. After sales service fir everything is second to none.
Slithe, you've had one bad experience. You should have asked the computer sales guy his name and complained to H-Office.

  pavvi 15:12 01 Sep 2005

John lewis staff are not on commission. They get a bonus at the end of the year based on the performance of the whole John Lewis Partnership including Waitrose, their food store. It is very unusual to get poor service from JL staff, as the company prides itself on it's standard of service.

  GR 17:41 01 Sep 2005

Newcastle John Lewis customer and cannot fault them. Experienced staff and faultless service three family computers - two faults - immediate replacement of the laptop and quick fix of a desktop plus free advice.
Also always buy my televisions/hi-fi's from them to get the free extra guarantee.
Avs you can see from the above I'm a very satisfied customer.

  freddy-firecracker 21:01 01 Sep 2005


Don't mean to cause a fall out, was only asking advice, hope you can still be friends....

  Tally over the water 21:59 01 Sep 2005

I too think John lewis is the best store for customer service all round I just wish the staff were not so smarmy and think there better than everyone else.I still buy all major items from them.

  Forum Editor 00:34 02 Sep 2005

of this stuff about conmen - it's libellous, and we will not tolerate such unsubstantiated allegations.

The John Lewis partnership is one of the UK's leading retailers. The company has a superb reputation for fair-dealing and although, like all companies, they may have some inconsiderate staff it's ridiculous to alledge that there's a policy of conning people.

I'm not surprised that you were asked to leave the store Slithe - I would have done the same thing if someone rudely butted in to a conversation between a member of staff and another customer with an allegation that he was being conned. John Lewis staff are not on commission by the way - the company is a partnership, and the staff share the profits.

  plough 02:45 02 Sep 2005

A law student who doesn't know about libel? But then again education standards are going down the pan.

So one member of staff was conning a customer and another member of staff told another customer (Slithe) that the store would not want to know after he walked out the door. Oh come on!

There seems to me an ulterior motive here. Maybe Slithe, who says he works in the retail trade, wanted a job with J.Lewis but did not meet the high standards they set. That would perhaps account for his bad mouthing them.

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