Jessops.......A lingering death?

  oresome 18:35 29 Sep 2009

How many restructures is this?

click here

  961 18:49 29 Sep 2009

just run that past me again please!

  dagnammit 23:44 29 Sep 2009

I just bought a new P&S camera from them less than a week ago, their store seemed quite busy.

  donki 10:06 30 Sep 2009

They have to many stores and the net is alot cheaper when it comes to cameras and accessories.

  Forum Editor 18:56 30 Sep 2009

with running multiple retail outlets is that you have to rely heavily on local management and staff. There will be good, forward-looking people and there will be time-servers, and the hard part is making sure the former are properly rewarded and the latter are few and far between.

In a camera business the products speak for themselves, that's not the issue - it's the conduct of the business that kills it or makes it a runaway success.

  dagnammit 23:14 30 Sep 2009

I was hankering after a 1 of 2 cameras... it was the w270 Sony and F200 Fuji.

Based on the internet I would have opted for the F200. But getting to see them in the flesh I preferred the Sony, and Jessops has a w290 exclusive to them which is the w270 but with a bigger LCD.

Anyway some prices:

F200 Fuji

£198 Amazon
£199 Jessops

W270 Sony

£249 Argos
£229 Currys
£199 Jessops (w290)

I'd rather not see the High Street die. I certainly preferred talking to the enthusiast, and playing with the cameras, in Jessops than I did with the pushy sales guy in Currys leaning over the counter at me.

  961 08:50 01 Oct 2009

The great difficulty is the breaking of the business model that Jessops and others use.

I wonder how many of us on this forum can honestly say they have never gone to the high street to survey the goods and then gone home and ordered their choice on the internet?

The high street just cannot win against the box shifters who, at a stroke, remove high street rents, sales staff costs, individual site stock holding costs and distribution costs

The latest, craziest example is the new Dan Brown hardback, priced around £18, expected to be found in the few independent bookshops at perhaps £14, and on the high street bookshops at £12, and Amazon at £10. The supermarkets got involved and now it is freely available at £4.99. Below production and distribution costs? My copy was delivered free of course! How many independent shops will close as this becomes their last straw?

Our market town has about 14 charity shops from a total of around 60. Who can be surprised at the Jessops story, itself hurried along because no longer do we run down to get our developed snaps but do it all ourselves, at home, on our computer

  donki 10:05 01 Oct 2009

I totally agree with the hands on experience and indeed they do have some competitive prices. I also like their finance option, not sure if it is still available. However, when it comes to DSLR lenses, filters and other accessories I find that the net offers much better deals.

  oresome 10:14 01 Oct 2009

I agree with your comments re the business model and I also think the store format is dated.

Photography is now very much interwined with computing and the size of most of their stores doesn't enable them to stock all the specialised computer hardware and software that enthusiasts would pay a premium for.

Neither does the size of store lend itself to wandering round and making impulse purchases.

  Input Overload 19:15 02 Oct 2009

A lot of people go and have a good look at cameras get the feel of them & get good advice from Jessops staff then purchase the camera off the net.

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