oresome 19:56 24 Jun 2007

Apologies if it's been mentioned already.

Jessops are to close a significant number of shops following large losses.

Seems Evesham are also struggling from what I read in an earlier thread.

I presume one factor is a downturn in consumer spending due to interest rate rises and increased energy bills.

  45 Mart 20:37 24 Jun 2007

My local Jessops shut today.
For a lot of items, I think they were expensive compared to online stores, and this has got to have been a major factor in the decision.

  Kate B 20:39 24 Jun 2007

It's a shame - Jessops is a joy to buy from apart from its prices because the staff actually know about cameras and photography.

  maxxeh 00:04 25 Jun 2007

Strange! The staff in my nearest Jessops are like 'PC World' staff!

They never seem to have a clue what they are talking about!

  BioBob 00:24 25 Jun 2007

I must admit I misused them - always went in and tried it out then bought it at half the price online!

I know they needed to charge those prices to cover staff overheads and thats before the council cripples them with Rent and Rates; but i didnt have the money to pay their prices.

  laurie53 07:17 25 Jun 2007

While I agree Jessops' staff are knowledgeable, there just aren't enough of them.

It's nothing to have to wait twenty minutes while a customer decides between two products costing less than a fiver.

They're perfectly entitled to do so, of course, but I'm not normally prepared to wait that long.


  BT 08:03 25 Jun 2007

I think they are a victim of their own 'success'.
they expanded rapidly in the late '90s, buying up other camera chains. They ended up at one point with 3 shops in Croydons main shopping street.

  ventanas 10:53 25 Jun 2007

Same in Bradford, three shops on top of each other. One has now been demolished. But the service isn't what it used to be. There was a time I was on first name terms with the manager at one store, but he was moved on. The knowledge of the current staff isn't up to much either. I stopped using them a while ago. The online prices are also far too high.

  lisa02 11:08 25 Jun 2007

Same as BT says.

There's 2 Jessops round the corner from each other in Belfast, about a 90second walk from each other.

I checked out the camera in a Jessops store and then bought it online using a money off e-voucher on their own site.

£220 on the highstreet and £168 on their site including delivery. That was about 9 or 10 months ago and the shop refused to budge on price.

  Sic 12:22 25 Jun 2007

Just bought a new camera, a Sony H9, Jessops wanted £389 on their website for it. Bought it on Ebuyer for £280 delivered.

That sort of price difference just wont be tolerated by the consumer, will be a shame if they go, have used them for some developing, cases etc.

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