jimmybond 12:27 18 Dec 2006

Do Jessops stores still price match cameras on the internet? The reason I'm asking is that i'm after the powershot G7.
Most places online (e.g. Amazon) sell it for about £310-320. However they're mainly sold out.

Jessops have it in stock, but it's a barely believable £448.99.
click here
Surely they won't cut their selling price by nearly 50%?

  Stuartli 12:58 18 Dec 2006

Jessops has been advertising a new price matching approach recently - if you have a store near you why not nip in?

Even a phone call might save a considerable amount...:-)

  Kate B 13:11 18 Dec 2006

Just a word of praise for Jessops while we're on the subject: I rang a branch recently to see if it had the Nikon D80 kit I was after. Yes, they had it and yes, they could hold it for me until Saturday. When I went in ready to spend my money, the chap behind the counter knew exactly what I was talking about straightaway, went to get it and said "We could have sold this five times over this afternoon". I'm pretty sure there are some chains that would have sold it and just said "tough" when I appeared.

  jimmybond 14:18 18 Dec 2006

I'm pretty sure they won't be selling my G7 five times over, at £448 ;-)

btw, Nikon D80 was one of the SLR's swaying me from the 'prosumer' G7. Still undecided.

  Kate B 14:46 18 Dec 2006

The D80 is a fantastic piece of kit, I'm thrilled to bits with it. I've got the kit with the 18-135mm lens and it's a joy. It's excellent in idiot mode and wonderful too if you take control of it.

  jimmybond 15:03 18 Dec 2006

yeah - I think it's between either the D80 & the EOS400D, or the two 'rangefinder' styles of the G7, and the Leica M8.

...ok, I was kidding about that last one ;-)

  Totally-braindead 15:11 18 Dec 2006

I just checked the Jessops website and it states the G7 is out of stock and not available before Xmas. Looking at Amazon the cheapest they have is £308 and thats Pixmania. Pixmania are not based in the UK and the camera they sell may not be UK spec. Reason I say this a friend of mine bought a camcorder from them a couple of years ago and was well pleased with it and took it on holiday but discovered he couldn't get it to do one of the items mentioned in the manual even though he followed the instructions to the letter.
He emailed Pixmania and had to send it back, and that cost a bit as he had to send it to France, he was without the camera for a couple of months and when it was returned it was exactly the same.
He emailed Pixmania again and was told there was nothing wrong with the camera. It then came out that although he was supplied with the UK manual the camcorder was not UK spec. It was exactly the same as the UK version but there was this one thing the UK camcorder would do that the others couldn't.

I personally wouldn't buy from them but of course I can see you might be tempted as its a huge saving. I don't think Jessops would price match it even if they still do it but its worth a try.

  jimmybond 15:20 18 Dec 2006

I hear what you're saying about Pixmania - I have had my fingers burned before, using them.

To cut a long story short, they wanted to me to send an mp3 player back to france (at my expense), only for them to send it back to a sony repair centre in the UK. and then back to france etc. etc.
coupled with the fact their customer service is on a par with Mesh - for a saving of five or ten quid over amazon - it's not worth it.

Think I'll wait until after xmas maybe, it may even be cheaper in January.
The Leica might be sub 3 grand by then, as well!

  paddy75 18:04 18 Dec 2006

jimmybond,Jessops do price match from UK internet companys,i got a camera for my daughter and they price matched pluse 10% of the differance,he asked about a memory card which i was getting delivered for £21 they were selling for £50,but he would'nt price match that stating they only done hardware.Paddy

  Totally-braindead 18:10 18 Dec 2006

paddy75 I'm glad they price matched the camera but I'm a bit puzzled about them refusing to price match the memory card as well. A memory card is hardware, I think the shop assistant doesn't know what a memory card is or he just wanted to avoid making a sale.

  paddy75 18:15 18 Dec 2006

jimmybond,take a printout of this with you to Jessops,you have to include £7 postage and don't as i said forget 10% of the difference. click here Paddy

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